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AT&T ShopAlerts: first location-based ads from a US carrier kick off in four markets

Image via Wikipedia AT&T ShopAlerts: first location-based ads from a US carrier kick off in four markets -- Engadget : clip from PR  >>>  "AT&T Advanced Ad Solutions Launches ShopAlerts by AT&T, a Groundbreaking Location-Based Marketing Service Featuring Special Offers from Leading National Brands Innovative opt-in service enables marketers to engage consumers on their mobile phones and drive them to the point of sale with relevant location-specific offers FEBRUARY 28, 2011 - AT&T Advanced Ad Solutions and Placecast today announced an agreement to provide ShopAlerts by AT&T, which are special offers delivered to consumers via their mobile phones when they are near a participating store or brand. The unique location-based mobile messaging service will be available for AT&T* customers in New York, Los Angeles , Chicago, and San Francisco who have opted-in to receive such messages. AT&T is the first U.S. mobile carrier to offer a large-scal

USDA offering grants to improve water, air quality

USDA offering grants to improve water, air quality : "The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is seeking proposals for grants to improve water quality, air quality and promote energy conservation. Up to $350,000 will be available through the Conservation Innovation Grants (CIG) program to address natural resource concerns within Alaska."

Outdoor, sporting businesses plead EPA to restrict Pebble Mine

Outdoor, sporting businesses plead EPA to restrict Pebble Mine : "Organizations from around the country have voiced their opinions in support of Bristol Bay. More than 360 groups representing sportsmen, outdoor and recreation businesses have put their names in a letter to Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson to protect Bristol Bay from large-scale mining associated with the proposed Pebble Mine by means of the Clean Water Act."

Tongass ready to move on rural community effort

Image via Wikipedia Monday, February 28, 2011 Story last updated at 2/28/2011 - 12:03 am By Jonathan Grass |  JUNEAU EMPIRE The Tongass National Forest is ready to move forward with a stewardship project on Kupreanof Island . The project calls for fish passage improvement, wildlife habitat restoration, recreational enhancement, road and trail maintenance and timber harvesting. The project is a critical piece of the agency’s Transition Framework effort announced by Regional Forester Beth Pendleton last May. “The Central Kupreanof Stewardship Project is.......

Burning Chrome - 'Computing power is the new electricity, and cloud computing is the new grid'

..................  The “ network computer ” dumb-terminal approach has failed many times before … but so did Six Degrees ,, Friendster , and (eventually) MySpace , before Facebook came along. The original iMac was roundly criticized because it didn’t have a floppy drive , criticism that now sounds hilariously stupid. We might look back at the first Chrome OS notebook in much the same way. Of course, Chrome can’t actually compete with Windows until always-on broadband Internet access reaches the same level of reliability and ubiquity as electricity itself; but that’s only a matter of time. In the early days of electricity, every factory had its own power plant, and its managers would have been appalled by the notion of outsourcing that vital engine – but soon enough those inefficient installations were replaced by today’s electrical grid. Computing power is the new electricity, and cloud computing is the new grid............

Sea lions feast on sturgeon at Bonneville Dam

Sunday, February 27, 2011 Story last updated at 2/27/2011 - 12:27 am By Quinton Smith |  THE OREGONIAN BONNEVILLE, Ore. — Lenza Paul and Michael Farber stand at the lip of Bonneville Dam , layered against the winter cold, binoculars and clipboard in hand, and count. On 29 weekdays from Jan. 7 through Feb. 17, Steller sea lions killed 1,400 sturgeon, already surpassing last year’s total. For 10 years the highly publicized fight on the Columbia River and in the courts has been over California sea lions that show up below Bonneville Dam in March to eat endangered, migrating spring chinook salmon. A few years ago, the Stellers came to the feast. Some are staying year-round, having discovered the thousands of slow-moving, white sturgeon clustered below the dam to grow and breed. The Stellers have come to the table just as sturgeon numbers are crashing. A sharp decline in the last four years in juvenile sturgeon as well as older breeding fish in the Columbia has biologists both puzzled and

New safety rules mean changes for fishing vessels

LAINE WELCH FISHERIES Published: February 26th, 2011 06:53 PM Last Modified: February 26th, 2011 06:53 PM KODIAK -- New safety regulations for fishing vessels are on the horizon, and fishermen need to 1) pay attention, and 2) participate in developing the rules. Congress decreed the new measures as part of the Coast Guard Reauthorization Act of 2010, which was signed into law in October. Most of the regulations are still being drafted, and it could be several years before they are final. However, one already caught Alaska cod fishermen and the state by surprise this month: a shift in some areas of the traditional three-mile boundary that separates state and federal waters. "It changed the standard from the present boundary line to....

Russia launches satellite for global navigation system

Russia has launched a satellite needed to create its own global navigation system, intended to rival America's Global Positioning System (GPS). The Glonass-K satellite was carried into orbit on a Soyuz rocket from a cosmodrome in northern Russia. In December, an attempt to....

Former Coast Guard officer posthumously awarded Coast Guard Meritorious Public Service medal

Former Coast Guard officer posthumously awarded Coast Guard Meritorious Public Service medal : " ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Rear Adm. Christopher Colvin, commander of the 17th Coast Guard District, presents Fran Lautenberger the Coast Guard Meritorious Public Service medal citation that was posthumously awarded to her husband during a private ceremony in Anchorage Feb. 23, 2011. The medal was given to Carl Lautenberger for his 30-year service to the Coast Guard and EPA. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Lt. Ryan Adams. ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Rear Adm. Christopher Colvin takes a moment for a photo after presenting Fran Lautenberger a Coast Guard Meritorious Public Service medal for her husband Carl posthumously during a private ceremony in Anchorage Feb. 23, 2011. Colvin recognized Carl's 30-year service to the Coast Guard and EPA with the award. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Lt. Ryan Adams. "

Deck Watch Feb. 25, 2011

Deck Watch Feb. 25, 2011 : " KODIAK, Alaska - Deck Watch is a five to seven minute radio show featuring Coast Guard news from around Alaska. The feature for Feb. 25, 2011, by Petty Officer 1st Class Sara Francis are comments by Sen. Lisa Murkowski about the vital role of the Coast Guard's search and rescue service in Alaska made during a Feb. 19 visit to Air Station Kodiak. U.S. Coast Guard audio by D17 External Affairs.

UFA forging ahead with an effort to rally support national seafood-marketing program

By Steven Hedlund , SeafoodSource editor   02 April, 2010 -  The United Fishermen of Alaska (UFA) is forging ahead with an effort to rally support for creating a national seafood-marketing program to bolster consumer awareness, and potentially consumption, of domestic seafood. Still in the early stages, the effort is currently focused on forming a national seafood marketing coalition, Julie Decker, who's among the four contractors the UFA hired to spearhead the effort, told SeafoodSource. "The coalition is designed to build the broad-based support that we would need to get legislation, or any changes to legislation, through Congress," said Decker, a gillnet salmon fishermen with her husband, Gig, in Wrangell, Alaska . "With the political environment that we're in, we need a broad base of support. We need everyone saying, ‘Yes, this is for all of us.'" The UFA has already received letters supporting the coalition's formation from the....  htt

New Commercial Fisheries Director for Fish and Game

Alaska Department of Fish and Game has a new director of commercial fisheries. Jeff Regnart has been promoted from regional supervisor to oversee about 300 full-time and 400 seasonal employees in the commercial fisheries division....

Alaska Fisheries Report - February 24, 2011

Alaska Fish and Game has a new commercial fisheries chief; police in Unalaska say they've exhausted all leads over a disappearing deckhand;    a culinary contest pitting seafood producers large and small is... Audio >

Sprint allegedly talking to LightSquared over 4G infrastructure deal, Clearwire should be sweating

Sprint allegedly talking to LightSquared over 4G infrastructure deal, Clearwire should be sweating : " Bloomberg is citing 'three people familiar with the talks' (it's not often that we get a specific number!) as saying that LightSquared is in active negotiations with Sprint to use its network infrastructure as it builds out its L-band LTE network. As you might recall

Google pulls Recipe View out of the oven

Google pulls Recipe View out of the oven : "

GPS Industry Worries About Lightsquared Interference

Joseph Palenchar -- TWICE, 2/24/2011 New York - The GPS industry and Lightsquared , which plans a satellite- and terrestrial-based 4G voice and data network, plan to conduct field tests to determine whether Lightsquared's terrestrial cell sites will, as Garmin believes, interfere with the operation of GPS-equipped consumer products and commercial devices. Based on lab tests using one of its portable navigation devices (PNDs) and one of its aircraft GPS units, Garmin found that its PND would completely lose GPS satellite signals within 0.66 miles of a cell site when the PND is under an open sky. In urban areas where some GPS satellites' signals are more likely to be blocked, the PND would lose its position within 1.79 miles of Lightsquared cellsites, which would operate in the 1525MHz to 1559MHz band next the 1559MHZ to 1610MHz GPS band. Lightsquared plans to build 40,000 cell sites, most of which will be in urban areas where most consumer GPS devices are used, a Garmin spoke

Deckboss: The Northern Hawk coming to roost in Seward?

Many are based in Seattle, long the traditional home port for the bigger boats working in Alaska. Now one of the CDQ companies, Coastal Villages Region Fund, is seriously looking to move its fleet to Alaska, including its 341-foot flagship, the Northern Hawk........

Study shows Pebble could be profitable

Study shows Pebble could be profitable : "Sharp debate erupted Wednesday over a new report that shows that developing the controversial Pebble copper and gold deposit in Southwest Alaska could be very profitable for its owners."

LightSquared Ordered to Protect GPS, by Doug Lung

Imagine that you drive into an unfamiliar city, and are relying on your GPS to safely guide you to your destination. As you enter that city, a strange thing happens. The GPS receiver starts searching for satellites finds them, then loses them again. You keep driving and eventually--on the other side of the city--the GPS regains lock, re-calculates and advises you to 'make a legal U-turn'. Then in returning to the city again, it loses satellites lock again. How could this happen? Interference to GPS receivers from high terrestrial transmitters operating in bands adjacent to the Radionavigation-Satellite-Service (RNSS) band at 1559-1610 MHz could overload small, inexpensive GPS receivers like those found in cell phones and in-car GPS systems. The FCC has granted a waiver request from LightSquared to build a terrestrial network using frequency bands adjacent to....

GCI launches prepaid smartphone service

Image by Origamiancy via Flickr By Jonathan Grass |  JUNEAU EMPIRE General Communications, Inc. recently launched Alaska’s first prepaid smartphone option, allowing customers to use certain Android smartphones without a contract. “We’re excited to be the first to provide a prepaid smartphone plan for Alaska,” said Paul Landes, GCI’s senior vice president of consumer services, in a press release. “At GCI, we try our best to satisfy the various needs of all of our customers and now they.......

Franken-fish one step closer to dinner plates

Image via Wikipedia Fish Factor:   By LAINE WELCH - It appears the Franken-fish is one step closer to American dinner plates. No decision has been announced yet by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) following hearings held last September on whether genetically modified (GM) salmon should be the first animal approved for human consumption.   But FDA approvals of three other GM foods offer a clue to the agency’s thinking. Over the past three it has approved three GM foods: alfalfa; a breed of corn grown for conversion into ethanol; and sugar beets. Next up could be GM salmon made by Massachusetts- based AquaBounty Technologies. The fish creators splice............

Big Massachusetts utility signs deals, bypasses Cape Wind

Image by Getty Images via @daylife BY JAY LINDSAY The Associated Press Tuesday, February 22, 2011; 9:13 PM  BOSTON -- The second-largest utility in Massachusetts has agreed to buy electricity from three wind power companies to help it meet renewable power mandates, but it won't be buying from a high-profile wind farm off the coast of Cape Cod. On Friday, NStar filed contracts with the Department of Public Utilities to buy power from Hoosac Wind in Massachusetts, Groton Wind in New Hampshire and Blue Sky East in Maine. Cape Wind , the nation's first offshore wind farm, is still trying to find a buyer for half its power. It agreed last year to a 15-year deal to sell the first half to National Grid starting at 18.7 cents per kilowatt hour, and increasing 3.5 percent annually. If Cape Wind doesn't sell the rest of its power within the next several months, it may be forced to move ahead with a project smaller than the 130-turbine, 468-megawatt wind farm planned

Talk of the Rock - New Zealand Delegation Building Bridges With Fish Tech

Image via Wikipedia This week host Jacob Resneck speaks with Associate Professor  Alexandra Oliveira  of the UAF  Fisheries Industrial Technology Center  which is hosting a delegation from New Zealand to build a partnership between Kodiak and New Zealand. The two-man delegation is Graham Fletcher and TC Chadderton from  The New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research  who will in turn be hosting Oliveira in coming months as the two institutions collaborate in seafood research..... Audio >


Image via Wikipedia Feb 22, 2011 1:39 PM, By Donny Jackson Integrated satellite and terrestrial wireless provider LightSquared last week announced the successful testing and acceptance of the company’s SkyTerra 1 satellite from Boeing Space and Intelligence Systems. “We’re happy the satellite worked out fine,” LightSquared spokesman Tom Surface said. “We had a beautiful launch. We had some anxious moments when the antenna didn’t unfurl all the way, but the engineers worked through that problem and got it operational at 100%. We’re very pleased.” During the next three months, LightSquared — previously known as SkyTerra and Mobile Satellite Ventures — will be migrating its existing customers from...........

Study: Arctic Fishing Underreported

Image via Wikipedia   Researchers in Canada say Arctic nations have been dramatically underreporting their fishing activity in the extreme north. A study released earlier this year from the Fisheries Centre at the University of British Columbia estimated that the amount of fish caught between 1950 and 2006 is 75 times higher than actually reported to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Administration which tracks global fisheries.              The report's lead author is fisheries scientist  Dirk Zeller  in Vancouver. He heads the Sea Around Us Project  which has been studying fishing's global impact on marine ecosystems for more than a decade.... Audio >

Improve Seafood Quality with Good Cold Chain Management

(UNITED STATES, 2/23/2011) Recognized as the most accurate and reliable in the industry,  Sensitech   cold chain monitors are patented with time and temperature alarm settings and are downloadable for viewing, analysis and regulatory record retention. The functional design allows for single event or cumulative “time out of range” programmable settings for easy accept/reject decision making by viewing through the monitor’s LCD panel . Multiple handoffs mean in-depth coordination between trading partners for transportation, packaging and handling Moving food products efficiently through the supply chain is complicated in today’s competitive business environment—especially when the products are as highly volatile as seafood. Multiple handoffs mean in-depth coordination between trading partners for transportation, packaging and.....   Sensitech is the leading provider of cold chain visibility solutions (Photo: S

New York City To Put QR Codes On All Building Permits By 2013

Techcrunch approx. 8am Alaska time today. New York City To Put QR Codes On All Building Permits By 2013 : " New York City’s Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg today announced the use of Quick Response or QR codes (which are something like a smartphone-readable barcode) on building permits, to provide New Yorkers with... Scan to read full >>>>

I Will Check My Phone At Dinner And You Will Deal With It (QR code 2 AK Comfish videos)

Image by sandrablogrecipe via Flickr MG Siegler ( Today) The next time you go out to dinner, look around. Depending on the restaurant, there will be anywhere from a few people with their heads buried in their phones, to a  ton of people in that position. If you don’t see any, keep watching, you will. This topic of discussion came up this past weekend when I took a trip outside of the Bay Area bubble to go visit my parents. My mother has the stance that I can only assume most mothers do: you shouldn’t check your phone at the dinner table. So naturally, to comply with her request, every few minutes I would check my phone under  the table. I’d pretend to read the menu or fix my napkin to just be slyly looking straight down at my device beneath her line of sight — you know the drill. And while I was doing that, I would look around. Sure enough, there were a half dozen other people at the tables around me doing the same thing. Love it or hate it, this is becoming the norm

Globalstar plans to launch 18 more satellites this year

BY STEPHEN CLARK SPACEFLIGHT NOW Posted: February 21, 2011 Four of the six second-generation Globalstar mobile communications satellites launched in October are ready for service, and the company plans to send six more spacecraft into orbit in May. Artist's concept of spacecraft in Globalstar's second-generation satellite constellation. Credit: Thales Alenia Space Globalstar is launching 24 fresh satellites to rejuvenate the company's aging satellite constellation and restore global two-way voice and duplex data communications service, which has been limited by S-band antenna degradation since 2007. The spacecraft are launching six at a time on four Soyuz rockets from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan . The first set of satellites blasted off Oct. 19 and were successfully released in a 571-mile-high orbit. Each spacecraft then fires its thrusters to raise its orbit to an altitude of 878 miles, the operational perch of Globalstar's............ ........

Scientist finds Gulf bottom still oily, dead

Hat tip Drudge Feb 19, 8:53 PM EST WASHINGTON (AP) -- Oil from the BP spill remains stuck on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico , according to a top scientist's video and slides that she says demonstrate the oil isn't degrading as hoped and has decimated life on parts of the sea floor. That report is at odds with a recent report by the BP spill compensation czar that said nearly all will be well by 2012. At a science conference in Washington Saturday, marine scientist Samantha Joye of the University of Georgia aired early results of her December submarine dives around the BP spill site. She went to places she had visited in the summer and expected the oil and residue from oil-munching microbes would be gone by then. It wasn't. "There's some sort of a........

US Air Force raises concerns over LightSquared's LTE network messing with GPS

Image via Wikipedia US Air Force raises concerns over LightSquared's LTE network messing with GPS : There have been a few anecdotal concerns raised over the last several weeks that LightSquared's proposed LTE network -- which would repurpose L-band spectrum formerly used for satellite -- is too close to the spectrum used by the Global Positioning System, leading to unintentional jamming when the towers overpower the much weaker GPS signals. Things have gotten a little more interesting, though, now that the US Air Force Space Command has officially piped in. General William Shelton has....

Hydro advocates optimistic about B.C. line

Hydro advocates optimistic about B.C. line : "JUNEAU, ALASKA (02/18/2011) Cross-border powerline advocates are charged up by prospects of an expanded British Columbia electrical grid. Alaska-Canada Energy Coalition members say the project, under discussion for years, could help boost the region’s economy."

Researchers find uses for fish waste

Article published on Friday, February 18th, 2011 By LOUIS GARCIA Mirror Writer The Fishery Industrial Technology Center (FITC) Agricultural Research Service seafood processing byproducts project has resulted in a number of ways to use fish waste products, and is studying even more uses. The project, which has been going on for 11 years, was started with one goal: finding out how to convert fish processing waste into aquaculture feed ingredients. “This was the area where there was the greatest utility for the products that we could easily make,” FITC professor Scott Smiley said. Fish processing byproducts or waste are the parts left over after food portions are removed. The major waste components are heads, frames (what’s left of the body when filets are cut off), viscera (guts including testes, ovaries and livers) and skins. Smiley said Alaska harvested 2,090,379 tons of fish in 2008. Much of that results in waste. For example, about 35 percent of......  http://www.kodiakdailymirror.c

Alaska Fisheries Report - February 17, 2011

This week: A look at the of ice supply for Bristol Bay salmon fishermen, headaches in Homer for p-cod fishermen after the feds move the fishing line, the new Alaska Fish and Game commissioner addresses a hometown audience in Petersburg, plus a look at Alaska's congressional delegation's fishery priorities on Capitol Hill. U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski urges the EPA not to rush to judgment over Pebble Mine.   We had help this week from  KBBI  's Marcia Lynn in Homer,  KFSK  's Matt Lichtenstein in Petersburg,  KUCB  's Alexandra Gutierrez in Unalaska and KDLG  's Mike Mason in Dillingham..... Audio >>

Falcone’s LightSquared Nears $585 Million Loan Accord

(Updates with loan details in fifth paragraph.) Feb. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Philip Falcone’s LightSquared Inc. venture is close to securing a $585 million loan to build its wireless network, as it negotiates a wholesale deal with a nationwide carrier, said two people familiar with the plans. An official announcement of the loan could come as early as today, said the people, who wouldn’t be identified because the deal isn’t public. The loan, from UBS AG and JPMorgan Chase & Co. , will bring LightSquared’s cash on hand to about $1 billion, said one of the people. The company has said it currently has roughly $1.75 billion in debt and equity. LightSquared said this week it has agreements with five customers to provide wholesale fourth-generation service, including two carriers, a national retailer, a device manufacturer and a website. LightSquared is........

Lightsquared Starts Signing Wholesale LTE Partners - MetroPCS And T-Mobile Possible Early Partners?

Image via Wikipedia The Lightsquared hybrid satellite/ LTE network being built by Nokia and Harbinger Capital Partners could potentially shake up the competitive landscape by offering new players wholesale access to an entirely new LTE network. However, the project is facing several obstacles including funding, and  interference concerns with GPS . The company just cleared several hurdles by getting the FCC to  ease a few constrictive spectrum conditions , and by  launching a satellite  that will be