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APRN DC: Former Crew Members Attempted to Turn in Fuglvog

If you can't stream this today then bookmark it and make it happen later.Lots of news here.. HG

By Libby Casey, APRN - Washington DC | September 26, 2011

When Senator Murkowski’s fisheries aide pulled out from consideration for an influential job in the Obama Administration two years ago, he said it was because the process was taking too long.  It turns out Arne Fuglvog was under investigation by the very agency he would have run.

Fuglvog pleaded guilty last month to breaking commercial fishing law before joining Murkowki’s staff.  His admission shook the commercial fishing industry in Alaska, where Fuglvog had served on influential councils.

Now, former crew members are coming forward saying they tried to turn Fuglvog in to authorities for years, and felt like they were ignored... Audio >>

Direct .mp3 url >

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