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Spokelys lay out plan for Ward Cove after purchase #Ketchikan #Alaska #DeepWater

by Deanna Garrison December 30, 2011 4:33 PM A Ketchikan company has purchased the borough’s remaining property in Ward Cove for $2.1 million. As Deanna Garrison reports, Ward Cove Industries is hoping the former Ketchikan Pulp Mill site will become a new hub for Southern Southeast Alaska’s maritime, mining and fishing industries.... Audio >> View Larger Map

USCG: 2011 Videos of the year


UN-STOP-ABLE - Sitka herring 2010 raw and real #skysirrico

One of our faves over the years is Jason over at Youtube/skysirrico  Great hand on deck and top notch with the camera. His wrap on the 2010 Sitka herring season has clips that you may have seen on TV recently.. But if you check out his channel you see some of his stuff going all the way back to the beginning days of Youtube itself, and it's as real as it gets..  Check it out!  

Juneau: Docks and Harbors approves $3.09M in additional marine passenger fee projects

Image via Wikipedia Posted: December 30, 2011 - 12:07am By RUSSELL STIGALL JUNEAU EMPIRE Juneau’s Docks and Harbors Board passed $3.09 million in fiscal year 2013 spending from state and city marine passenger fees Thursday evening. Juneau receives $13 for every passenger that visits the city. Five dollars per passenger comes from Alaska’s cruise ship head tax, passed by a citizens’ initiative in 2008 and revised in 2010. The money can be used for infrastructure improvements. Juneau also has its own head tax of $8 per passenger, passed in 1999. Combined, these taxes brought in more....

Photos: Alaska smoked salmon chowder

A picture says a thousand words. And after viewing the photos here the first that comes to into our mind on this cold Alaska winter day is 'yummy'  HG ... >

USCG Deck Watch looks at boating safety

Posted by: PA3 Grant DeVuyst BARROW, Alaska — A Coast Guard 25-foot Response Boat-Small crew makes preparations to begin a joint rescue exercise after being deployed in the Arctic Ocean from the Barrow boat ramp as a Barrow resident observes them July 27, 2011. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Charly Hengen. This week Deck Watch had a chat with Joe McCullough, education coordinator from Alaska’s Office of Boating Safety. Deck Watch is a five to seven minute radio program featuring news from across the state of Alaska. Here is more news from across the state: Dec. 25 — Sector Anchorage watchstanders overheard a mayday on VHF-FM Channel 16. Two people aboard a 22-foot recreational vessel stated their engines were not working and they were at the entrance of Culross Passage. The watchstanders issued an urgent marine information broadcast. A Station Valdez small boat crew launched to assist the mariners. The small boat crew towed the 22-foot vessel and cre

Jones Act Waived for Russian Fuel Tanker Renda #FrozenNome #AlaskaEnergy

Image via Wikipedia 5:27PM Fri December 30, 2011 The Department of Homeland Security has waived the Jones Act for the ice-class Russian tanker that will be carrying fuel to Nome later this month. The Jones Act prohibits foreign flagged vessels from carrying cargo between US ports.  The  tanker Renda needed the waiver to be able to pick up....

Judge says Alaska pipeline has proven reserves to operate until 2065; puts value at more than $9 billion

Image via Wikipedia by dermotcole Dec 30, 2011 Superior Court Judge Sharon Gleason of Anchorage issued a much-anticipated decision today that the trans-Alaska pipeline is worth about 9 times as much as the oil companies contend and there are enough proven oil reserves on the North Slope to keep it operating until 2065. This basically extends the expected life of the pipeline by about 20 years compared to a previous ruling, largely based on internal oil company documents, sworn testimony and external reviews that show the pipeline will be able to operate economically at much lower flow rates than those cited by people who warn that the pipeline is in danger of shutting down in a decade. The decision also quotes internal oil company documents predicting that Alaska oil will be flowing for another half-century. The tone of the documents and testimony quoted in the decision is in sharp contrast to the highly publicized Alyeska Low Flow Impact Study released in June that gave

2012 will bring a cold start to the new year in Interior Alaska

Bering Sea ice fog - by Tim Mowry Dec 30, 2011 FAIRBANKS — When the door to the Tanana Commercial Company store freezes shut, Cynthia Erickson knows it’s getting cold. On Friday morning, the door was frozen shut. “It was 56 below this morning on my thermometer,” Erickson said by phone from the village of Tanana, 200 miles east of Fairbanks. “Now I have to put an old blanket in front of the door to keep it from freezing.” A cold air mass combined with clear skies produced some of the coldest temperatures of the year in the western Interior on Friday, and it’s not expected to warm up for at least a week, according to the National Weather Service. The official low temperature in Tanana on Friday as of 4 p.m. was 53 degrees below zero but it Read more: Fairbanks Daily News-Miner - 2012 will bring a cold start to the new year in Interior Alaska....

U.K. Food Policy Adviser Suggests Eating Meat Once Per Week #Obesity #GlobalWarming

Image via Wikipedia Posted on December 30, 2011 at 8:22pm by  Liz Klimas If Tim Lang, a professor of food policy at City University in London and adviser to the World Health Organization, had his way, we would only eat meat once a week. Eating meat only on special occasions, like feast days, he suggests could help reduce obesity and curb global warming. The Telegraph reports Lang as....... In the orb...  

Damn It Google, Where Are My Magic Android Lightbulbs?

Image by Matti Mattila via Flickr JASON KINCAID posted yesterday Back at Google I/O in May, members of Google’s Android team unveiled a new initiative that’s going to extend the mobile OS beyond smartphones and tablets — and take us one step closer to Back to the Future II. Dubbed Android@Home, the project aims to bake special hardware and software into a variety of gadgets, which will allow users to control these devices from their Android phones. Think alarm clocks that fade in with your favorite music, lighting systems that blink based on events in the.... Video h/t TechCrunch

Top tech blog editor discovers #capstone .. Has plan to pay #FAA #FCC #NextGen (archive)

Transportation, Wireless Editorial: How FAA-certified gadgets could improve air travel and eliminate the Terrible 10,000 Feet By Tim Stevens  posted Dec 30th 2011 12:35PM If you're reading this now and have experienced the wonders of modern air travel then you have surely suffered through what I call the "Terrible 10,000 Feet." This is the period between the clunk of the cabin door closing and the bong of the cabin indicator, the chime signifying arrival of the magic altitude where "approved electronic devices" can then be used again. The first half of the worst part of the flight is then over -- the latter half to commence as soon as the plane dips again below that gadget ceiling. This is the loudest part of the flight -- engines throttled up, flaps and gear hanging in the breeze and scared kids doing their best to drown all that out with screams and shouts. It's exactly when you most want to use your portable music player, and exactly when you are

AJOC: China top market for Alaska exports

Image via Wikipedia Dec 28, 2011 - 10:16 AM AKST BY TIM BRADNER, ALASKA JOURNAL OF COMMERCE China will emerge as Alaska’s top export customer for 2011 when final trade statistics are counted for the last two months of the year, state officials say. As of Nov. 1, the value of Alaska exports to the Asian giant had reached $1.3 billion, a 52.5 percent increase over the same 10-month, January-October period for 2010, U.S. exports statistics show. The numbers will change when November and December figures are added but those will not change the overall trend, according to Patricia Eckert, associate director for International Trade in the governor’s office. Susan Bell, State Commissioner of Commerce said China’s domestic consumption of seafood is increasing, and this includes higher-value products. “We really saw this when we accompanied Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute people to the China Seafood Expo in late October. We saw snow crab, Pacific cod and sole from Alaska as

Sheffield resigns as Port of Anchorage director #Alaska #SupplyChain

Image via Wikipedia CONTRACT: Ex-governor will earn $60,000 a year as city's liaison on the project. By ROSEMARY SHINOHARA Anchorage Daily News Published: December 30th, 2011 01:00 AM Last Modified: December 30th, 2011 01:01 AM Former Gov. Bill Sheffield will retire as director of the Port of Anchorage as of Jan. 15, but will get a $60,000-a-year consulting contract from the city, Mayor Dan Sullivan said Thursday. The 83-year-old Sheffield has been port director since 2001. He has been at the center of controversy recently because of serious construction problems and escalating costs for expansion and renovations of the port. In his new role, Sheffield will serve as the city's liaison with federal agencies on the port project, the mayor said. The $60,000 will come out of contracts the city already has with government relations consultants in Washington, D.C., Sullivan said at a press conference....

@HaulingGear wish for 2012 - Planking becomes a cool fad instead of a silly prank #AlaskaSeafood #AlaskaTimber

Person planking in a field -   Planking a silly joke? Say what? Well, if you spend too much time on the web you would have noticed something silly evolved in society over the past few years and went viral on the web this year However, if you're into seafood marketing you would know that planking is a real deal.... So, we ask today why not turn the tables?? Call the campaign "planking isn't just for dummies" or whatever.. Sell more trees and fish. And a great winter project. Happy New Year HG Review of 2011 - Japan Disaster, Industry Corruption, and outlook for 2012 (video)

Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute is looking for a 'few good chefs' #ASMI #AlaskaSeafood

Image by Getty Images via @daylife From Facebook/ASMI last night Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute Do you know a chef that has what it takes to be the king or queen of Alaska Seafood? We are taking applications now to participate in the Great Alaska Seafood Cook Off. Go to  for more information and please share it with all your friends! Great Alaska Seafood Cook Off » Home Do you think you have what it takes to be the King or Queen of Alaska Seafood?

Kodiak poulterer hatches business plan in Bell's Flats

JAMES BROOKS Kodiak Daily Mirror First Posted: December 29, 2011 - 10:13 pm Last Updated: December 29, 2011 - 10:13 pm Chris Ford, owner of Bell's Flats Poultry, sets out a dish of feed for her flock of ducks on Tuesday afternoon, Dec. 27, 2011, at her home outside Kodiak, Alaska . The feed, a mixture of locally grown an imported items, is one of the ways Ford is keeping costs low in order to produce eggs economically on Kodiak Island. (AP Photo/James Brooks, Kodiak Daily Mirror) Chris Ford, owner of Bell's Flats Poultry, sets out a dish of feed for her flock of ducks on Tuesday afternoon, Dec. 27, 2011, at her home outside Kodiak, Alaska. The feed, a mixture of locally grown an imported items, is one of the ways Ford is keeping costs low in order to produce eggs economically on Kodiak Island. (AP Photo/James Brooks, Kodiak Daily Mirror) KODIAK, Alaska — Frozen eggs, expensive feed and slick ice. These are the problems facing Chris Ford as she expands her Bell&

WSJ: Shooting Under the Arctic Ice

DECEMBER 29, 2011, 12:03 PM ET By Rebecca Horne For “Frozen Planet” director Chadden Hunter and cameraman Didier Noiret, the challenges of photographing emperor penguins rocketing through ice holes from the water below at speeds of 250 miles per hour were significant, but shooting them underwater was even more daunting. In order to show  Visiting polar bears were a worry for the crews filming them. As much as they enjoyed seeing the bears at the window, the constant visits from bears led to insomnia....

ACS Lowers Annual Shareholder Dividend By 77 Percent

By Associated Press | December 27, 2011 - 5:12 pm Anchorage-based Alaska Communications Systems or ACS has lowered its annual dividend to shareholders by 77 percent... Audio >

Alaska's ADS-B Technologies responds to FAA NextGen space-based Air Traffic Control search #Globalstar #NextGen #FAA #GPS #AIS

Image via Wikipedia 30 December 2011 ADS-B Technologies confirms it has responded to a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) market survey request to identify vendors whom could provide a space-based Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast (ADS-B) service for remote mountainous areas in the US and oceanic regions starting in 2018. These systems would augment the FAA's domestic ground-based ADS-B infrastructure, set to be operational as early as 2013 with full implementation in 2020. The proposed ADS-B Technologies system would use the Globalstar Second Generation Low Earth Orbit constellation and the company's proprietary ADS-B Link Augmentation System (ALAS) avionics interface to... On the web .

U.S. Court Halts California Low-Carbon Fuel Rules #SupplyChain #Energy #OhmsLaw

Image via Wikipedia Published December 29, 2011 | Associated Press WASHINGTON –  A federal judge moved Thursday to block California from enforcing its first-in-the-nation mandate for cleaner, low-carbon fuels, saying the rules favor biofuels produced in the state. The lawsuit challenging the state regulations, which were adopted as part of the state's landmark 2006 global warming law, was filed in federal court last year by a coalition including the National Petrochemical & Refiners Association and the Consumer Energy Alliance....

GoDaddy Boycott Fizzles; Twice As Many Domains Transfer In As Out #SupplyChain #SOPA #Freedom

Image by plums_deify via Flickr Fri, Dec 30th 2011 1:56am from the not-sustainable dept Yesterday, we noted that it appeared that the "GoDaddy boycott" concept may have been losing steam, thanks to the company's decision to move away from supporting the bill... combined with a new aggressive advertising campaign. Finally, on Thursday morning, the company went a step further: saying it hadn't just stopped supporting SOPA but now directly opposed SOPA. Even though the company notes that it saw "a spike in domain name transfers," it looks like the actual "boycott" day fizzled out. Looking at the results from DailyChanges shows that GoDaddy actually had a strongly positive day, netting 20,748 more domains at the end of the day than the beginning. On transfers alone, there were nearly double the number of transfers in as out (27,843 in to 14,492 out) as well as more new registrations than deleted domains (43,304 new registrations compared to

Alaska Dispatch: What happened to National Geographic?

Image via Wikipedia Alan Mairson | Dec 29, 2011 My heart sank a few weeks ago when Craig Medred posted his  scathing criticism  of the National Geographic Channel’s Alaska State Troopers, a “reality” TV series that’s painfully short on reality. The National Geographic Society “used to be a bastion of journalistic integrity,” Medred writes. “Nowadays it feels compelled to ... concoct outlandish bear dangers to increase television market share? Talk about tarnishing a once-iconic brand.” “What happened to National Geographic?” Medred asks. I’ve been wrestling with the same question for years. From 1990 until 2008, I proudly served as a staff writer and editor for National Geographic magazine, and I’m still a loyal dues-paying member of the Society. But after more than two years of  reporting and writing , I can’t argue with Mr. Medred’s general critique — especially when the evidence is so overwhelming: Eric Deggens, the TV critic for the Tampa Bay Times, went on National P

GOP Fail: Light Bulb Ban Still Set for January 1st

From  The Hill : New light bulb efficiency standards will begin phasing in on Jan. 1 despite intense opposition from conservatives, who have blasted the rules as a textbook unnecessary federal regulation....

Alert raised around Alaska's Cleveland volcano after likely 'single explosion'

By the CNN Wire Staff updated 9:25 PM EST, Thu December 29, 2011 (CNN) -- A heightened state of alert has been issued for a remote Alaskan volcano after the detection of a drifting ash cloud, the result of what's believed to have been a lone explosion. The U.S. Geological Survey put out an orange alert Thursday for Cleveland Volcano in the Aleutian Islands, about 940 miles southwest of Anchorage. That is third out of four possible levels on the federal agency's warning scale. "Satellite data indicate that this is a single explosion event," the survey and Alaska Volcano Observatory said in its notice, but "more sudden explosions producing ash could occur with plumes... More ...

The Alaska Fisheries Report with Jay Barrett

Dec 29, 2011 Coming up this week: Gulf fixed gear fishermen get a surprise cod opening to end the year; it looks like there'll be another herring fishery this spring in Behm Canal, and how sunlight makes spilled oil especially deadly to fish.           We had help this year from: Rosemarie Alexander, Len Anderson, Tom Banse, Dan Bross, Jennifer... Audio >

KCAW Radio: Sitka reality show premieres Thursday / Medred talks Chignik co-op etc. #Media #AlaskaSeafood

Sitka reality show premieres Thursday by Ed Ronco, KCAW December 28, 2011 9:09 pm Sierra Anderson, 26, and her father, Dean, work on a net. The Anderson family is featured on "Hook, Line and Sisters," a reality show set to premiere Thursday. The show was partially shot in Sitka during the 2011 sac roe herring fishery. (Photo: TLC)  A new reality show, called “Hook, Line and Sisters,” is set to premiere on the TLC network tonight at 8 p.m. Alaska time. It follows the Anderson family as they fish in Alaska. A large portion of the seven-episode series was filmed during the Sitka Sound sac roe herring fishery....... Audio/Text >> Another Alaska reality show, this time it's salmon fishing  Craig Medred | Dec 28, 2011 Just when you thought there couldn't possibly be another Alaska-based reality show on television, guess what? There's  another Alaska-based reality show, “Hook,

St. Paul Alaska Residents Say Trident EPA Settlement Could Hurt Town's Economy

Image by wallyg via Flickr 12:39AM Thu December 29, 2011 The Clean Water Act settlement between Trident Seafoods and the Environmental Protection agency might not be quite settled. St. Paul’s tribe, Native corporation, and fishing association are pushing the federal government to reconsider terms that they say could lead to the closure of their only year-round processing plant. KUCB’s Alexandra Gutierrez has more... Audio >> View Larger Map

EPA Assessment of Bristol Bay Could Round Up in 2012

Image via Wikipedia This is a very well done interview with a ton of details and facts about the EPA Pebble etc. HG 12/28/11 This year the Environmental Protection Agency started their Assessment of the Bristol Bay Watershed — something tribal entities concerned about the development of the proposed Pebble Mine had requested. KDLG's Daysha Eaton talks with Rick Parkin, who is managing the E-P-A Assessment to see how its going ... and to find out what we can expect in 2012. (10:47).. Audio >

Managing Bycatch in the Bering Sea

Image via Wikipedia 12/28/11 One of the most important issues facing many fisheries is how to avoid the bycatch of unwanted species. The bycatch issue was discussed at length at the recent Pacific Marine Expo trade show in Seattle. KDLG’s Mike Mason was there and filed this report. (6:04) Audio >>

The fishes and the coral live happily in the CO2 bubble plume

Guest post by David Archibald Willis Eschenbach’s  post on lab work  on coral response to elevated carbon dioxide levels, and  The Reef Abides , leads to a large scale, natural experiment in Papua New Guinea. There are several places at the eastern end of that country where carbon dioxide is continuously bubbling up through healthy looking coral reef, with fish swimming around and all that that implies. Coral Reef at Dobu Island with carbon dioxide bubbling through it (photo: Bob Halstead) What that implies is that ocean acidification is no threat at all. If the most delicate, fragile, iconic ecosystem of them all can handle flat-out saturation with carbon dioxide, what is there to worry about? That lack of a threat is a threat to a human institution though – the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) based in Townsville, north Queensland run by Professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg. To quote Walter Starck (