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Alaska fisheries excluded from federal plan over commercial objections

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Dec 21, 2011 - 09:21 AM AKST


With the Magnuson-Stevens Act up for reauthorization in 2012, the North Pacific Fishery Management Council is still getting caught up on the requirements added to the law in 2007.

At its recent meeting in Anchorage, the council checked one of the final boxes to bring each fishery management plan, or FMP, into compliance with the 2007 revised MSA.

The council, which has deferred management of salmon to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game since 1979 and hasn’t reviewed the salmon FMP since 1990, officially excluded the Cook Inlet, Prince William Sound and Alaska Peninsula salmon fisheries from the FMP with a unanimous vote.

The Southeast Alaska salmon troll fishery will remain in the FMP with state management to