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Alaska's ADS-B Technologies responds to FAA NextGen space-based Air Traffic Control search #Globalstar #NextGen #FAA #GPS #AIS

ADS-B System
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30 December 2011

ADS-B Technologies confirms it has responded to a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) market survey request to identify vendors whom could provide a space-based Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast (ADS-B) service for remote mountainous areas in the US and oceanic regions starting in 2018.

These systems would augment the FAA's domestic ground-based ADS-B infrastructure, set to be operational as early as 2013 with full implementation in 2020.

The proposed ADS-B Technologies system would use the Globalstar Second Generation Low Earth Orbit constellation and the company's proprietary ADS-B Link Augmentation System (ALAS) avionics interface to...

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