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Breckenridge family debuts in fishing reality show #HookLineAndSisters #TLC

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

‘Hook, Line & Sister' premieres on TLC; party at Beaver Run Resort Thursday night

By Kimberly Nicoletti
Summit Daily News

While some participants on reality shows accuse producers of cutting and slicing minute pieces in such a cutthroat way as to make the final cut overly dramatic, the Andersons say TLC didn't have to do that: Their life is that dramatic.

Thursday, TLC premieres the Breckenridge family's real-life commercial fishing business in Alaska, and the family admits TLC didn't have to manipulate its “characters” to deliver a compelling seven-week series that depicts the extreme highs and lows of commercial fishing in Alaska — and some of the tense family dynamics accompanying the Anderson's family business.

“The character dynamics are so unique and different, they don't need to do more to make it interesting,” said 26-year-old Sierra, one of the two sisters in TLC's “Hook, Line & Sister.” “It's totally raw and real. I think viewers will walk away with raw and realness with the characters.”

Though her sister, 21-year-old Memry admits it's a bit....

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