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Fireworks: Coast Guard to enforce safety zone in Valdez

Valdez Safety Zone
VALDEZ, Alaska — Coast Guard Marine Safety Unit Valdez personnel are scheduled to enforce a temporary 200-yard safety zone around the Valdez Spit from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. Saturday.

The safety zone, which includes the mouth of the Valdez Small Boat Harbor, will be established to ensure safety during the public viewing of this year’s City of Valdez fireworks display, as well as the safety of mariners transiting the port during the display. 

A broadcast notice to mariners will be on VHF-FM channel 22 to ensure mariners are aware of the safety zone.

Boaters who violate this safety zone are subject to direction to leave the restricted area, vessel boarding or civil or criminal penalties.

The temporary final rule on the safety zone will be available at Coast Guard Marine Safety Unit Valdez. To obtain a copy of the temporary final rule or for questions regarding the safety zone, contact Waterways Management at 907-835-7209 or e-mail allison.e.ferko @ uscg. mil.