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Book for Greenhorns to be Published - "The Big Bucks Guide to Commercial Fishing in Alaska"

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Jan 02, 2012

 Jay Barrett/KMXT
Every year young people come to Alaska looking to make their fortune commercial fishing. However, many of them are woefully underprepared. Many can't handle the conditions at sea or the long hours, or it's just too tough for them. Former fishing boat captain Jonathan Allen has seen good greenhorns and bad during his years in the industry, and decided to write a handbook to help the prospective crewman.
"The Big Bucks Guide to Commercial Fishing in Alaska," was the result. It is the subtitle that holds the real story, though: "How to run away to Alaska, Work Harder than You Ever Thought Possible and Perhaps Even Get Paid."
Allen, now retired from fishing and living in Idaho, still ships out as a merchant seaman. He started writing the book while waiting for a cod season to begin back in the mid-90s:...

.......       "The Big Bucks Guide to Commercial Fishing in Alaska," by Jonathan Allen will be published later this winter.... Audio >>