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Homer: Council focus on seawall

Ealges on the spit in Homer, Alaska
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Jan 12, 2012

............... Ocean Loop Drive seawall

The council passed an ordinance that will allocate up to $60,000 for repairs to a 20-foot hole in the seawall below Ocean Loop Drive. Two 18 by 2-foot boards came off, and the plastic barrier wall beneath is showing stress cracks from heavy storm fronts that came in succession starting in October. The idea is for the city to make the appropriation, then to recoup costs from the 16 or so property owners who would ultimately be responsible for repaying the account through special service district assessments, City Manager Walt Wrede told the council.

Property owner Paul Hueper urged the council to pass the measure and address the storm-damaged wall as soon as possible. In the initial storm assault, the seawall sustained about $5,000-$7,000 in damages.

“If it had been immediately fixed, the cost wouldn’t be $60,000 now,” he said. Only a piece of plywood was used to plug the hole, Hueper said. “And even that didn’t take place right away. There were a series of tides before they addressed that. The Army Corp of Engineers’ permit is the key to the whole issue. That permit states it’s the city’s role to maintain the wall.”

The city has contended it is not the city’s responsibility, but rather the property owners. The city also owns...