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Huffington Post: Sarah Palin, 'Top Chef' And You: Taxpayer-Funded Reality TV (HG research)

Sarah Palin
First Posted: 1/5/12 12:05 PM ET Updated: 1/5/12 06:35 PM ET

his is the ninth in an occasional series, The Recessionary Arts. Read more from the series here.
"Sarah Palin's Alaska," last year's hit TLC reality show, featured the Palin family fishing in lakes alongside fun-loving bears, hiking picturesque cliffs, hunting deer, flying biplanes and snowshoeing and dog-sledding through snowy tundra. All overlooking stunning views of Alaskan wildlife and wilderness.
"I understand the uniqueness of this land," Sarah Palin said in a preview for the show. "It's family, it's community. That's what the Alaskan spirit is, and we're proud of it."

Some interesting history re: Huffington Post from @google

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