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Juneau: Taku fact-finders full speed ahead

Taku River; a wheeled airplane on the beach
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Posted: January 15, 2012 - 12:12am


Though the owner of the Tulsequah Chief mine has announced it will not barge on the Taku River, the Taku River Fact-Finding Task Force continues to search for questions and answers about the mine and its potential effects to the river’s salmon run.

The task force met for the third of five planned meetings on Friday. Juneau’s legislative delegation called for the task force after Chieftain Metals, owner of the Tulsequah Chief Mine, resumed barging operations on the Taku River in mid-2011. Chieftain built a $5 million water treatment facility to treat run-off water from the out-of-service mine.

Tulsequah is located in British Columbia about 40 miles north of Juneau.

At the close of the Jan. 7 meeting, after Chieftain said it would build a road for transport instead of barging, a member of the public asked whether the task force had any further use. The company, founded in 2010 to develop the Tulsequah Mine, lost $750,000 from frustrated efforts to barge on....