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#LightSquared ’s #GPS Interference Controversy Comes to a Boil - #LTE #ATC #MarineNavigation

Wireless wannabe can’t reach a deal with GPS community

Lightsquared, a Reston, Va.–based provider of satellite communications, intends to start up a new 4G cellular communications network using a portion of the radio spectrum traditionally reserved for mobile-satellite communications. That should be good news to the many U.S. consumers hungry for more bandwidth. The trouble is, LightSquared's cellular base stations could interfere with certain GPS receivers tuned to the adjacent satellite-navigation band.

Groups with an interest in the matter have been waging a public-relations battle over the past year, and members of the U.S. military and Congress have weighed in, too. Sadly, much of this discourse has shed more heat than light on the controversy. But more levelheaded engineers have also scrutinized the problem in detail, and the technical issues appear to be understood well...