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Russian fuel tanker's voyage to Nome, a modern-day serum run

Captain Pete Garay | Jan 01, 2012

As Alaska turns from 2011 to the New Year, a team effort reminiscent of the famous Iditarod serum run to Nome is underway to bring desperately needed fuel supplies to Nome. The Russia-flagged, ice-strengthened tanker Renda, along with her crew, are attempting to make history with the first ever fuel delivery to Western Alaska in the heart of winter. This is the stuff “sea stories” are made of and -- as in the case of Alaska’s Nome serum run -- how history is made.

To accomplish this historical feat, Renda will have to plough her way through some 250 miles (and growing) of hardening pack ice in temperatures that could plunge well into the minus double digits. Her partner in this effort will be the US Coast Guard (USCG) Ice Breaker Healy who will be the muscle that will help the Renda get to Nome, and back, safely.

Behind this effort are myriad logistical issues. For nearly a month now, a team of committed men and woman from both the private and public....