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Tsunami debris may hit Homer

Talks now address how to handle possible radioactive jetsome

By Naomi Klouda
Homer Tribune

A few beachcombers are reporting they believe they are finding objects along Homer-area beaches that came from a Japanese debris field afloat in the Pacific Ocean.

So far, the reports are unconfirmed in Kachemak Bay.

Mundane bottles, construction supplies, a lonely shoe have been among the items found along the West Coast, from Oregon beaches to British Columbia and Alaska. In Kodiak, a beachcomber found buoys that were confirmed as wreckage from the 8.9 magnitude earthquake and tsunami that wracked the Japanese coast on March 11.

Cook Inletkeeper’s Bob Shavelson was at work Monday locating a geiger counter online to purchase for measuring any radioactive presence on jetsome that floats ashore on Kachemak Bay beaches. The thought is....