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#RadioChatter #02-21-2012 Comfish News Roundup

New technology pushes introduction of genetically engineered salmon into the U.S. food supply
By Jessica Jewell
February 21st, 2012
Section: columns - Opinions
Genetically engineered animals delivered straight to our plate. Orwellian much? Not anymore. Genetically engineered has moved from the turf to the surf. AquaBounty Technologies, a biotechnology company, developed the first engineered animal meant for consumption. After 15 years, it is waiting for....

Panelists recommend pursuing artificially propagated fish program
By John Bowman
Siskiyou Daily News
Posted Feb 20, 2012 @ 08:49 AM
Yreka, Calif. —
Local organizers of the Upper Klamath River Coho Salmon Workshop were optimistic Thursday afternoon at the conclusion of the two-day event that brought together salmon experts from all over the west coast. The workshop, attended by over 75 natural resource managers and scientists, explored the possibility of using artifically propagated fish to bolster the nearly extinct Shasta River coho salmon population. Siskiyou County Supervisor Michael Kobseff told the Daily News at the close of the event, “I feel good about it. I think now it’s time to start working on a plan to move forward.” Day two of the event featured presentations by fish biologists from Alaska, Washington, Oregon and California. The presentations showcased a variety of supplementation programs from the last two decades spanning most of the west coast, including the rationales, techniques and success rates of each project. The two-day event closed with a six-member expert panel discussion regarding whether it is time to pursue a supplementation program for...

Coast Guard evacuates two from vessels at sea
The Coast Guard evacuated two men from separate vessels Sunday and Monday. The first was a crewman from the Panamanian-flagged motor vessel Global Bay. He was...

Metlakatla plans big cold storage project
...... According to an ad published in Friday's Anchorage Daily News, the project involves design of a storage room big enough to hold 1 million pounds of seafood....

Sitka: Hook, Line & Dinner
Episode: CCSFD-202H
After some rough weather, Ben finally lands in Sitka, Alaska where he fishes for halibut and takes part in some offbeat local traditions. After going out with Linda Behnken and her family to fish for halibut, Ben is off to Ludvig's Bistro, run by... (Google Maps

Poker Flat sends up rocket into northern lights for GPS research
by The Associated Press
Feb 20, 2012
....... It was a mission launched Saturday by a NASA funded group of 60 researchers studying electrical activity in the aurora borealis and the likelihood it's interfering with GPS and other signals.....

ICE-T to help make seafood traceable
Heather Thomson, Alberni Valley Times
Published: Monday, February 20, 2012
Seafood coming from Vancouver Island is going to lead the way in traceability, thanks in part to a $50,000 grant from the Island Coastal Economic Trust. The grant made it possible for Ecotrust, the West Coast Trollers Association, B.C. Dogfish Hook and Line Industry Association and the Vancouver Island Seafood Buyers Association to develop a seafood traceability system called Thisfish. The system allows consumers to go online and find out where their seafood originated. With a click of a button, consumers can find out who caught....

Trademarks Take On New Importance in Internet Era
Published: February 20, 2012
PRINCETON, N.J. — As a serial snack-food entrepreneur, Warren Wilson is no stranger to the challenges of running a business.In the early days of his first enterprise, selling funnel cakes at fairs, there was the time when, tired of losing money on inclement days, he bought weather insurance — and proceeded to lose even more money than he had when it rained. In the 1990s, he and his wife and business partner, Sara, once had to mortgage their house and sell off investments to make their company’s payroll.But it still came as a bit of a shock when the Wilsons made what they thought was a routine move to register the trademark of their hot product — a flat pretzel snack called Pretzel Crisps — and it was contested by none other than Frito-Lay, the 800-pound gorilla of the snack food market owned by PepsiCo...

Free speech: Why I'm lucky to live in America, not Iran
By David Gewirtz | February 21, 2012, 5:00am PST
Summary: The big reason we’re better: they don’t execute you for blogging in America. Sometimes your page rank goes down, but it’s not quite the same thing.
Yesterday was President’s Day here in the United States. It’s a strange little holiday, in part because even what’s being celebrated is unclear both legislatively, and between the states and federal government. Briefly, the holiday is and always has been officially Washington’s Birthday, celebrating the birth of our first president, George Washington. And even that has some degree of controversy, because when ol’ George was born, it was on February 11, 1732, according to the Julian calendar. But when the Gregorian calendar was adopted in 1752, the date George popped in the world...

Google looks to plant a field of satellite dishes in Iowa
By Sharif Sakr  posted Feb 21st 2012 3:42AM
Iowa. Fertile home to 14 million acres of corn, nine million acres of soybeans, and -- if the FCC looks favorably on a recent application from Farmer Google...

Emergency Broadband Network Stumbles Forth
FCC Giving Authority to Re-Allocate Spectrum
by Karl Bode 2 hours ago
... the bill authorizing the FCC to allocate the D-Block of the 700MHz band (758 to 763MHz and 788 to 793MHz) for a first responder network....