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Notes From the Field: Heli-skiing the Chugach / Fly Day 2 - Cordova, Alaska

Uploaded by thefirstilikewinter on Mar 24, 2012
When a heli ski trip into the wilds of the Chugach mountains is handed to you by Columbia with the Points North Heli-Adventures team (of Warren Miller fame) you don't wait a second to say yes. Five days later, I was jumping in my car to make the 3,000 mile journey from Utah to Cordova, Alaska. Four days after leaving Salt Lake City, I found myself sitting in the front seat of a seven-passenger helicopter, being carried over jaw-dropping scenery. Here are the notes from the field... Uploaded by TheMostEpicTrip on Mar 24, 2012
Another sick day in Cordova! Unfortunately, bad weather rolled in around 2pm with low light and we had to end the day early. Still a great day but wish we could have gone all day. Stay updated on the trip at!