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#RadioChatter #03-07-2012 Comfish News Roundup

Talk of the Rock: Crewmen Data
Mar 6, 2012
Jennifer Canfield/KMXT
This week's guest is Terry Haines. He's on the Kodiak City Council and is involved with the Alaska Municipal League and the Crewman's Association. He's been active in the push to get the state to start collecting data on crewman and deckhands. The information would be valuable to fishing communities, but the practicalities of gathering the data are, so far, insurmountable....

Council axes harbor bond
by Deanna Garrison
March 2, 2012 5:58 PM
The Ketchikan City Council Thursday night rejected a proposal to put a $10 million bond proposition before voters. The bond proposition would have been used to pay for harbor improvements. The council also decided to rebid the Bawden Street Apartments demolition work. Deanna Garrison has this report....

Herring Update | Canadian Fishery Gets Underway
Herring have started to spawn off the coast of Vancouver Island and the commercial fishing fleets are currently harvesting the cherished roe. Many doubts exist in the fishery since last year’s devastating tsunami in Japan. The natural disaster lead to a limited fishery in Canada last year and very low ex vessel herring prices in the Alaskan fisheries. The Canadian fisheries should give a good impression of what kind of prices to expect this year in Sitka. Enjoy the video, which sums up the situation in the canadian fishery....

J-1 Visa Program Faces Scrutiny
Jay Barrett/KMXT
The U.S. State Department program that allows foreign college students to come to America and work for the summer is in danger of going away suddenly, leaving seafood processing operations in Kodiak and elsewhere around Alaska in a lurch.
The J-1 Visa, as it's called, allows college students to spend four months in America on work study programs. In Alaska, the students overwhelmingly work at processors during the summer salmon season. Alaska Senator Mark Begich has appealed to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton - who herself worked at an Alaska fish plant in her youth - asking her to exempt the state from the J-1 shutdown....

Judge Rules on Steller Sea Lions
Mar 6, 2012
Stephanie Joyce/KUCB
There won't be an Atka mackerel or Pacific cod fishery in the western Aleutians until at least 2015.  U.S. District Court Judge Timothy Burgess ruled today (Monday) that the National Marine Fisheries Service would have 23 months to assess the impact of its Steller sea lion protection measures in the region...

Dillingham council to vote on annexation exemptions
March 2nd 3:26 pm | Carey Restino
If Dillingham voters approve annexation of the waters of the Nushagak Commercial Salmon District in April, fishermen who own property within the city of Dillingham will get a break on the potential 2.5 percent fish tax set for concurrent approval.The exemption, if approved Thursday, would allow for a 50 percent refund of raw fish tax paid by the property owner, with the total refund capped at half the property owner's tax bill.
The proposed annexation includes nearly 400 square miles of commercial fishing waters and 3 square miles of land in the Nushagak Bay and part of Wood River. If approved, the city plans to levy a 2.5 percent sales tax, which should bring in about $700,000 per year based on recent figures. The funds would boost the city's current operating budget by about 10 percent, said Dan Forster, Dillingham City Manager....

PACIFIC FISHING Article on Fleet Consolidation
So here goes, from March 2012 Pacific Fishing article by Amy Majors: Craig Councilman
When we first spoke, Craig Councilman was against the buyback program, but now, he's changed his mind. Craig Councilman is a 3rd-generation fisherman from Everett and owns the seiner Christian S...

Atka Mackerel, Pacific Cod Won’t Return To Aleutians Until At Least 2015
By Stephanie Joyce, KUCB - Unalaska | March 5, 2012 - 6:04 pm
There won’t be an Atka mackerel or Pacific cod fishery in the western Aleutians until at least 2015.  U.S. District Court Judge Timothy Burgess ruled Monday that the National Marine Fisheries Service would have 23 months to assess the impact of its Steller sea lion protection measures in the region....

Compromise helps trollers, protects anglers
by Ed Schoenfeld, CoastAlaska News
March 4, 2012 10:02 pm
Sport fishermen and chum trollers have reached a compromise in a salmon allocation battle in northern Southeast. Chum salmon trolling is relatively new in Southeast....

American Pride Seafoods Takes First Place in Foodservice at Alaska Symphony of Seafood 2012
Published:  07 March, 2012
New Bedford, MA, March 6, 2012, ‐ Crunchy Sweet Potato™ Alaska Pollock sticks by American Pride Seafoods is quickly proving to be a new favorite, winning first in the foodservice category at Symphony of Seafood 2012....

ACS optimistic about 2012, despite upcoming challenges
Alaska Dispatch | Mar 06, 2012
According to the trading journal Motley Fool, Alaska Communication Systems (ACS) expressed optimism in an earnings conference call for 2012....

Iridium Communications Crushes Earnings Estimates
Iridium Communications reported earnings yesterday. Here are the numbers you need to know. The 10-second takeaway For the quarter ended Dec. 31 (Q4), Iridium Communications beat slightly on revenues and crushed expectations on earnings per share...

#Iditarod musher gives mouth-to-snout CPR after dog collapses:!/adndotcom/statuses/177360428370890752

Palin, in CNN interview, leaves door open
Fairbanks Daily News-Miner - Palin in CNN interview leaves door open!/haulinggear/status/177427681804173314

B.C. salmon-farming critic vows to keep fighting from Norway
The Canadian Press
Date: Monday Mar. 5, 2012 6:38 AM ET
VANCOUVER — Only days after he was removed from Canada for overstaying a visitor's permit, a controversial salmon-farming critic says he has settled in Norway to "slay the dragon in its own lair." ...

Report: Sprint planning to dump Lightsquared as early as next week
By Daniel Cooper  posted Mar 7th 2012 10:31AM
According to Bloomberg, Sprint is considering pulling the plug on its partnership with Lightsquared as early as next week. Philip Falcone's burgeoning enterprise was subject to a March 15th deadline to gain approval for a nationwide LTE network, but that was shot down by the FCC last month. The company's...

FIS - Worldnews - Pacific Fishery Management Council votes to expand gillnet fishery off California...!/haulinggear/status/177399880157904897

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