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#RadioChatter #03-20-2012 Comfish News Roundup

Fishing boats and piled nets at Dutch harbor, ...
Fishing boats and piled nets at Dutch harbor, Unalaska Island, Alaska. FWS keywords: ALASKA MARITIME NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE; rats; Aleutian Islands; Aleutians; habitat; Islands; Coastal environments; Scenics; U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service ALASKA MARITIME NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE Rights Public domain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Native corps. bicker over Pebble Mine at meeting Posted: March 19, 2012 - 11:06pm | Updated: March 20, 2012 - 12:02am By Pat Forgey JUNEAU EMPIRE The Bristol Bay Native Corp. came to Juneau, bringing with them pickled and kippered salmon and a message from itsshareholders. They don’t like the Pebble Mine, and fear it may threaten the salmon on which Bristol Bay is dependent. “We can support renewable and non-renewable development, but there’s one particular project that we don’t support because of the risks it represents to the region,” said Jason Metrokin, BBNC’s president and chief executive officer. Speaking at the Capitol at an informal meeting that attracted most of the Senate’s top leader, including President Gary Stevens, R-Kodiak,..... Zen owners fined for illegally purchasing subsistence caught Pacific halibut | Juneau Empire..!/haulinggear/status/182091204085813248 / PR; MONDAY, MARCH 19, 2012 Jumbo argument coming on shrimp? The Alaska Board of Fisheries will consider dozens of shellfish proposals during its meeting Tuesday through Saturday at the Hilton Anchorage.... TUESDAY, MARCH 20, 2012 It's not over yet Last week came word that Washington Gov. Christine Gregoire was nominating Lori Swanson for a seat on the North Pacific Fishery Management Council. Well, this choice apparently didn't sit well with a large segment of the industry. Deckboss has intercepted the following email attempting to rally support for an alternate, Craig Cross. The email is from Jim Gilmore, the Washington, D.C., lobbyist for the At-sea Processors Association, which represents Bering Sea factory trawlers. It's addressed to several major commercial fishing organizations: the Deep Sea Fishermen's Union, the Alaska Crab... Angoon fishery petition before subsistence board by Ed Schoenfeld, CoastAlaska News March 19, 2012 12:50 pm A village corporation’s petition to manage a Chatham Strait fishery goes before the Federal Subsistence Board this week. Kootznoowoo Incorporated says state-managed commercial fishing is hurting subsistence harvests near Angoon. It has petitioned the board to assert authority over waters near the west Admiralty Island community.... State, fishermen appeal Steller sea lion ruling ANDREW JENSEN, ALASKA JOURNAL OF COMMERCE Mar 19, 2012 - 01:07 PM In ongoing legal wranglings, the State of Alaska and the coaltion of fishing groups have filed appeals with the 9th Circuit on Judge Timothy Burgess' January ruling upholding wide-ranging.... April 10th is the Deadline to Submit Proposals to the Board of Fish 03/19/12 Individuals and organizations across the Bristol Bay region are getting ready for the process to make changes to fishing regulations in the region. KDLG's Mike Mason has the story. (7:48)... State, Industry Appeal Steller Sea Lion Closures By Stephanie Joyce 4:47PM Mon March 19, 2012 The State of Alaska and industry groups are challenging recent rulings upholding fisheries closures in the western Aleutians. The appeal notice filed in district court Monday is the latest in a yearlong legal battle over the restrictions put in place to protect an endangered stock of Steller sea lions.... Tsunami Debris Not Dangerously Radioactive, Scientists Say Mar 19, 2012 Jennifer Canfield/KMXT It's been just over a year since a 9.0-magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Japan. The ensuing tsunami devastated Japan's coastline and killed nearly 16,000 people. While Japan continues to recover from the disaster, debris has started to show up on U.S. shores. Earlier this month debris was reported on Sitka's shores and some was found on Kodiak's beaches last December. Researchers say people should not be concerned about overexposure to radiation.... Council OKs smaller bond proposition for harbors by Deanna Garrison March 19, 2012 10:41 AM The Ketchikan City Council Thursday night elected to place a $5 million harbor bond proposition before voters this June. The council also voted to delay demolition of the dilapidated Bawden Street Apartment Building until after the summer cruise ship season. Earlier this month, the city council rejected a proposal to put a $10 million bond proposition before voters. Thursday, city staff presented the council with a pared-down ordinance authorizing a public vote on a $5 million bond proposition. The city is intending to leverage the bonds as matching funds to qualify for federal and state harbor grants. During the public comment portion of the meeting, the council heard from multiple harbor users who supported moving forward with the bond proposition. Bill Tatsuda urged the council to fund harbor improvements. “Before we add more facilities, we need to maintain the ones we have,” he says... Award for Refuge Biologist Saves Aleutian Research Project from Budget Cuts By Alexandra Gutierrez 7:44PM Mon March 19, 2012 Major recognition for an Alaskan scientist could mean the survival of at-risk research projects in the Aleutian Islands. Last week, Jeff Williams, a biologist for the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge won the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service’s top award for science leadership. Williams has been working in Aleutians for over two decades, and he’s best known for his work on Kasatochi. Using the data he.... FIS - Worldnews - Japan: Fishermen fear windmill project will destroy fishing ground...!/haulinggear/status/182085557680209920 FIS - Worldnews - Farmed salmon benefits pregnant women and babies...!/haulinggear/status/182085758847418368 B.C. Fishermen upset over proposed cuts to salmon season...!/haulinggear/status/182087249897324544 Rare whale swims up West Coast to Russian home By DAN JOLING Associated Press Published: March 19th, 2012 05:47 PM Last Modified: March 19th, 2012 05:48 PM An endangered western Pacific gray whale tracked from Russia to Alaska and along the West Coast to Baja Mexico is on the move again, apparently preparing to cross the Pacific Ocean again.... Sprint push-to-talk app coming to select Android devices | The Verge #FutureRadio!/haulinggear/status/182097584419110913 Alaska Railroad faces $30 million budget cut Bill that passed Senate would have "devastating impact," union says. By SEAN COCKERHAM Anchorage Daily News Published: March 19th, 2012 11:12 PM Last Modified: March 19th, 2012 11:13 PM WASHINGTON -- The Alaska Railroad faces a huge budget cut from the U.S. Senate that could mean large-scale layoffs, less passenger service and a default on the state-owned corporation's bonds....

U.S. teens: Texting more, talking less!/haulinggear/status/182103031268122625 #Freedom

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