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#RadioChatter #03-24-2012 Comfish News Roundup

Harvest of ocean's smallest fish takes toll on food chain
Losing them may mean losing bigger creatures, experts fret.
The Seattle Times
Published: March 23rd, 2012 11:51 PM
Last Modified: March 23rd, 2012 11:58 PM
SEATTLE -- As ocean scientists probe what ails some of the largest creatures in the sea, a wave of new research is urging them to look at the little things -- specifically, the tiny schooling fish that make up the cornerstone of ocean food webs.....

Arson blamed for St. Paul fire
March 23rd 2:49 pm | Jim Paulin      
The fire that destroyed a warehouse in St. Paul last month was deliberately set, and several suspects have been identified in an ongoing arson investigation, according to Kevin Alberg, the island village's director of public safety. Alberg said nobody has yet been charged or arrested for the blaze that destroyed the warehouse occupied by Trident Seafoods, and owned by the village Native corporation Tanadgusix. Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation said...

Fish Factor: Pacific halibut fishery open for business
March 23rd 2:32 pm | Laine Welch
The Pacific halibut fishery got underway on Saturday and if the dynamic of supply and demand holds true, there will be an upward push on prices. The coast-wide halibut catch was reduced by more than 18 percent this year to 33.5 million pounds, following a 19 percent cut to the catch last year. Alaska's share of the harvest is 25.5 million pounds. That will be shared by roughly 2,200 Alaska longliners who hold quota shares of the halibut catch. While no buyers were talking fish prices prior to opening day, if last year's market is any indication the first fresh halibut of the season will undoubtedly fetch over $6/lb at major ports. The average price for halibut during the eight month fishery in 2011 was a whopping $6.61 a pound, an increase of $1.75/lb from the previous year. In all, the...

Do you know the way to Cold Bay?
March 23rd 2:48 pm | Hannah Heimbuch
The U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife released the environmental impact statement Friday discussing a proposed road between King Cove and Cold Bay. The 1400-page release opens up public comment on the EIS, and will remain open until May 18. The EIS is an essential document meant to assist the Secretary of the Interior in deciding whether the project is in the best interest of the public. At the heart of the proposal, which is now decades in the making, is a land exchange between the Aleutians East Borough and Fish and Wildlife. The borough would...

Fri March 23, 2012
Cleveland Alert Level Lowered
By Stephanie Joyce
Scientists at the Alaska Volcano Observatory have lowered Cleveland Volcano’s aviation alert level. The restless Aleutian volcano exploded three times in a week earlier this month. None of the eruptions produced detectable ash plumes and...

Judge: Sea lion killings to save salmon can resume
JEFF BARNARD, AP Environmental Writer
Updated 01:28 p.m., Thursday, March 22, 2012
Oregon state authorities can resume killing California sea lions that feast on endangered salmon bottled up at a dam on the Columbia River, but fewer than one-third as many as federal biologists previously had authorized, a judge ruled Thursday. U.S. District Judge James E. Boasberg in Washington, D.C., denied the Humane Society of the United States request to stop the killing at the Bonneville Dam while....

Klamath dams: True motives are hidden
By Tom Higgs
Siskiyou Daily News
Posted Mar 23, 2012 @ 08:42 AM
Montague, Calif. —
Those promoting dam removal and water theft are not revealing their true motives, they are using fish and other “endangered species” as a stepping stone to achieve their goal, but more fish is not it. If fish were really the issue we could have more fish, lots more fish. In 2010, Alaska’s commercial salmon harvest hit 170 million fish and nearly half were from the billions of fry that were produced from fresh water stocking or saltwater release programs. Alaska works with 31 nonprofit hatcheries which I believe....

Facebook acquiring 750 patents from IBM; strategic value still unknown (update)
By Matt Macari on March 22, 2012 09:21 pm
Update: In a brief statement to the AFP, a Facebook spokesperson said "I can confirm that there was a purchase but I don't have any other details to share." Reading between the lines, that's likely a confirmation that Facebook has indeed acquired some patents from IBM, but IBM wouldn't comment and the import of the patents — specifically whether they have any bearing on Yahoo's litigation — remains unclear (Original story follows). According to Bloomberg, Facebook has acquired...

Internet to surpass DVD in movie consumption, not revenue
March 23, 2012 |  1:31 pm
Consumers will watch more movies online than on DVDs in 2012 for the first time, but will spend far less doing so, according to a new report. The number of movies rented or bought online from outlets like Netflix and iTunes will grow 135% this year to 3.4 billion, according to IHS Screen Digest. But the research firm said people will spend only $1.72 billion on digital movies, compared to $11.1 billion on DVDs and Blu-ray discs....