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#RadioChatter #03-27-2012 Comfish News Roundup

United (States) Parcel Service.
United (States) Parcel Service. (Photo credit: matt.hintsa)
The best zip code is ours
Posted: March 26, 2012 - 12:04am
McDonald’s ran commercials earlier this month touting their fish sandwich in Alaskan markets. It informed us that their tasty product was now available in our Juneau market for our dining pleasure. I’m thankful for many things living in Juneau; however, having access to a double fish stick with a slab of American cheese is not one of them. After only being domiciled in Juneau for three years, it occurred to me I have become somewhat of a fish snob. Maybe not the “I only eat same-day-caught white king variety”, but...

MONDAY, MARCH 26, 2012
58-Foot Rule
A reader asked if there was a rule change this year regarding 58-foot limit seiners.....

Mon March 26, 2012
Arctic Drilling Means Greater Coast Guard Presence in the Bering Sea
By Alexandra Gutierrez
With Arctic drilling scheduled to go ahead this summer, Shell Oil is expected to have a big presence in Port of Dutch Harbor. In light of that, the Coast Guard has now committed to stationing more forces there in an effort to keep fish processing operations and other marine activity moving along smoothly. At a recent hearing before the state legislature, Capt. Buddy Custard laid out the Coast Guard’s plans for their summer Arctic operations. He says that because Greenpeace has already launched a protest in New Zealand over exploratory drilling, the United States is making an extra effort to make sure that port operations in Alaska are not disrupted by dissent over oil politics. “Whether you’re [for drilling] or against it, it’s very emotional. And....

Mon March 26, 2012
Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning Research Gets Recognition
By Alexandra Gutierrez
For years, Bruce Wright and Ray RaLonde have been keeping a close eye on clams and mussels collected in the Aleutian region. They’ve collected samples from subsistence users and tested them for levels of paralytic shellfish poisoning toxins. Now the Alaska Forum on the Environment has...  -  3:27 AM (edited)  -  Public
We just love these delicious flags that were designed for the Sydney International Food Festival. Are they good enough to eat? What do you think?
Food Flags! (8 photos)

How to waterproof your iPhone or Android smartphone
Chris Gaylord | The Christian Science Monitor | Mar 26, 2012
Waterproof gadgets without bulky cases. Companies now offer a nanocoating that wraps devices in an invisible armor 1,000 times thinner than a human hair....

Ex-fisherman pens book about Alaskan shipwrecks
By Arwyn Rice
Peninsula Daily News
PORT ANGELES — The latest book by Francis E. Caldwell, a retired commercial fisherman now living in Port Angeles, compares the extreme weather conditions of an area off the coast of Ketchikan, Alaska, to a serial killer....

Viewpoints: Letters / Opinions
Fund water quality monitoring on Stikine, Unuk, Taku
By Tammi Meissner
March 27, 2012
I was born and raised in Wrangell, and I live here with my husband and two daughters. I am Tlingit and I practice traditional food gathering. My family has a cabin at the mouth of the Stikine River, the fastest free flowing navigable river in North America, where we often live and where we fish. This river is the source of....

Viewpoints: Letters / Opinions
USS Enterprise
By Eric Riemer
March 27, 2012
So I'm pretty sure nobody has pointed out the complete ridiculousness of the idea to use an old aircraft carrier as a bridge to Gravina because the flaws are quite obvious if one spends even a few moments thinking about it, but after reading someone's positive response to the idea I cannot hold my tongue, so I beg your indulgence.. First (and least) of all, it would be a complete eyesore. I love my view of the...

Viewpoints: Letters / Opinions
RE: USS Enterprise, Bridge
By Peter Jacob
March 27, 2012
I'm writing this in response to James Dornblaser and Charlotte Tanner's proposal of using the USS Enterprise as a bridge to Gravina. Honestly I feel like I'm being trolled (if you don't know what that means look it up). I can only assume that these two articles were pure sarcasm because the idea is utterly ridiculous. Although parking an aircraft carrier in the middle of the narrows would certainly be entertaining and unique and people WOULD come visit Ketchikan for perhaps that...

Knik Arm bridge debate runs into Senate roadblocks
Concerns voiced over traffic and population projections, financing and subsidies.
Anchorage Daily News
Published: March 26th, 2012 10:51 PM
Last Modified: March 26th, 2012 10:51 PM
Legislation to push along the billion-dollar Knik Arm bridge is encountering trouble in the state Senate though it cleared a key House committee last week....

For California fishermen, squid means big money
Long before calamari reaches the table, crews set out from San Pedro and elsewhere to round up California's most valuable catch. But environmentalists question whether the haul is too large.... Capt Nick Jurlin's crew hauls squid aboard the Cape Blanco on their round trip from San Pedro to the western side of Santa Catalina Island. The catch is abundant -- and valuable. (Bob Chamberlin, Los Angeles Times / September 1, 2011)...,0,6666274.story

Greenpeace survey: More Canadian companies sourcing canned tuna responsibly
By LARRY PYNN, Vancouver Sun March 26, 2012...