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Murkowski Live Today 10am: What: “When the Waters Rise” -- Breakup Forecast Roundtable

Alaska Division of Homeland Security & Emergen...
Alaska Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Management (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

US National Weather Service Alaska: Senator Lisa Murkowski is holding a roundtable discussion with state and federal authorities tomorrow in Anchorage – that will be livestreamed to all Alaskan communities – on the upcoming spring thaw and potential flood risks in Alaska.

Leading the discussion are: Scott Lindsey, NWS Service Coordination Hydrologist; Robert Forgit, FEMA Alaska Area Manager; and Mike O'Hare, Alaska Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. NWS Alaska Region has been working with our Federal and State partners to predict and monitor break up since the 1970's.
“Alaska has seen a historic winter of snowfall,” said Murkowski. “But after the snow piles peak and before the waters levels increase, Alaskans’ concerns and anxieties rise about the break-up and flood season ahead. I want to answer those questions and ask officials what solutions are being prepared before we need them, as we’re talking ‘what-if’s around the kitchen table.”

What: “When the Waters Rise” -- Breakup Forecast Roundtable
When: Thursday, April 5th, 10:00am-11:00am AKDT
Where: UAA Campus, Gorsuch Commons (3700 Sharon Gagnon Lane), Room 107
Parking: Available in the Willow Visitor Parking Lot, located off of Elmore. The Commons Building is off of Elmore, between Providence Dr. and Tudor Rd. Parking fees only in the Willow lot will be waived for the meeting.