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#RadioChatter #04-01-2012 Comfish News Roundup

Published: 2012/03/30
Leftover Salmon, Ozomatli, Todd Snider, Clinton Fearon and Great American Taxi Set for Salmonstock
Leftover Salmon, Ozomatli, Todd Snider, Clinton Fearon and Great American Taxi are set to perform at the Salmonstock music festival. A celebration of music and fishing, the three-day event will take place in Ninilchik, Alaska from August 3-5. The fest’s mission statement reads:...

Sitka Herring 2012 | First Opener
After a really long wait in Sitka, fishermen have finally started harvesting this year’s massive herring quota. The total catch for the day hasn’t quite been tallied, but guesstimates are around 4500 tons. The possibility of another fishery is very unlikely for tomorrow, since the total harvest is so huge. Typically, there is a day off between fisheries for the processors to unload all the boats. Enjoy the video and stayed tuned for updates from the fishery....

Buyback balloting under way
The voting period has opened for the proposed Southeast Alaska salmon seine permit buyback program..... ///  ///

Johnstone in, Smith out on Board of Fisheries...

Juneau fisherman takes his case to preserve salmon runs to Washington
by Amanda Compton / Capital City Weekly
Mar 31, 2012 ....

U.S. reportedly blocks Canadian tuna fishermen
The Canadian Press
Date: Wednesday Mar. 28, 2012 8:46 PM ET
VANCOUVER — The U.S. government has suspended a 31-year-old agreement that allowed Canadian vessels to fish for tuna in American waters, two British Columbia industry groups confirmed Wednesday, with one warning the decision could have a domino effect across the entire West Coast fishery. Both countries signed a treaty in 1981 that allowed cross-border fishing for albacore tuna, but it expired in 2011. Negotiations to renew the treaty have been overshadowed by concerns from American fishermen, who have complained they were being outfished by Canadians....

Environmentalists, bottom trawl industry agree on conservation measures for B.C.
Fishing area reduced 20 per cent in deal that took three years to sign
By Larry Pynn, Vancouver Sun March 30, 2012...

Exxon Valdez: 23 Years Later
I was 11 years old when Bligh Reef ripped open the Exxon Valdez’s steel belly, bleeding over 40,000 tons of crude into the pristine waters of Prince William Sound. My family had traded Alaskan residency for our migrant lifestyle by then, setting up a winter life in Washington State and returning to Southeast every summer for the salmon season. I remember staring at the images on TV -  seabirds grounded by sludge-drenched wings, dead otters like blackened driftwood – and wearing a T-shirt that expressed despair through furious satire: caricatures of a party boat perched “on the rocks,” newly christened the Exxon Fuxxup....

Interior lawmakers want to see cheap energy sooner
The Associated Press
JUNEAU, Alaska — Interior lawmakers were happy with the news about a planned liquefied natural gas pipeline to the North Slope, but say they'll need relief from high energy costs long before then....

Originally published March 31, 2012 at 9:54 PM | Page modified March 31, 2012 at 9:58 PM
It takes time, patience to land coveted spring chinook
Your chances of catching the prized chinook, known for their delectable red meat, go up if you stick with it when fishing seems slow.
By Mark Yuasa
Seattle Times staff reporter
VANCOUVER, Wash. — There was a feeling of trepidation — call it a "fisherman's intuition" — on the day before our spring chinook fishing trek in the Lower Columbia River last week.....