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#RadioChatter #04-04-2012 Comfish News Roundup

Map of Alaska highlighting Bristol Bay Borough
Map of Alaska highlighting Bristol Bay Borough (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Congressman Young Criticizes Federal Oceans Policy at Anchorage Hearing
By Ellen Lockyer, KSKA - Anchorage | April 3, 2012 - 6:16 pm
Invited panelists spoke out against a new National Oceans Policy at a Congressional subcommittee hearing in Anchorage this (Tuesday) morning.   Congressman Don Young  chaired the  subcommittee on Fisheries, Wildlife, Oceans and Insular Affairs oversight hearing, with Senator Lisa Murkowski sitting beside him as an invited guest.  Don Young  called the new version of the Oceans policy “too complicated”, while criticizing the Obama administration’s disregard for stakeholder involvement....

Big Tramper docks in Little Norway
by Matt Lichtenstein
March 30, 2012 3:05 pm
While the Sitka Herring fleet awaits their commercial fishery, Petersburg’s waterfront is hosting a large, Panamanian-flagged vessel that will be transporting some of the catch to Japan. The 360-foot, refrigerated tramper Jochoh is tied up at the Petersburg Fisheries Incorporated dock. Ship’s agent Dave Berg says she was chartered by the herring buyers. Berg spoke with KFSK’s Matt Lichtenstein....

A third of Sitka herring quota taken thus far...

Fish and Game Expects a Late Start to the Togiak Herring Fishery 04/03/12
The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has released its outlook for the 2012 Togiak herring fishery. KDLG's Mike Mason looked it over and filed this report. (3:31)...

Ekuk Tribal Council Releases a Western Bristol Bay Borough Fiscal Feasibility Study 04/02/12
For many years the idea of creating a Western Bristol Bay Borough has been floating around the region. The idea resurfaced Saturday when a new feasibility study was unveiled during a public meeting in Dillingham. KDLG's Mike Mason has the story. (6:47)...

Pebble problems
by Jingjing Huang, Fairbanks
Letter to the editor
April 2, 2012
To the editor:
In my Alaska studies class, we learned about mining in Alaska, and we had a lot of reading on it. I disagree with the Pebble Mine plan because it will change the natural environment, wild animals and people in that area. It will pollute the water and cause salmon to die in the rivers, so some animals that rely on salmon will be unable to survive....

Fish Factor
Good Report Card for Fishermen &
More Observer Coverage
April 02, 2012
Monday PM
(SitNews) -   Fishermen in the world’s largest salmon fishery at Bristol Bay are getting good grades for improving the quality of their salmon, and it’s boosting their bottom line. Starting in 2008, two projects have tracked fish quality based on specific handling practices, and given individual fishermen scores on their improvements (or not). “The two studies go hand in glove. First you get a score and understand where you are, and secondly, if you wish to improve, then you can start changing the way you handle your fish out on the water to bring your score up,” said Mark Buckley of Digital Observer, Inc., who created and oversees the project....

Pacific Seafood Lawsuit Settled
The Associated Press and The Daily Astorian | April 3, 2012 11:11 a.m.
Pacific Seafood Group has successfully fought off a class-action lawsuit by Oregon commercial fishermen that once seemed a major threat to the Clackamas-based company. The fishermen claimed that Pacific used its immense market clout to suppress the price it paid for groundfish, Dungeness crab, shrimp and other products. They initially sought as much as $520 million in damages and demanded that Pacific be broken up. What they will get instead is no monetary damages and a Pacific that remains intact. Pacific did make several “pro-competitive” pledges such as a promise not to concentrate its in-house fleet of fishing vessels in a single port or on a single commodity. “Rather than go through the risk of trial and appeal, we decided that securing this deal helps establish more competitive conditions immediately rather than three years from now,” said Mike Haglund, the Portland lawyer who conceived and led the fishermen’s case....

Eat more fish; risks overstated
Deb Lindsey/For The Washington Post -  According to the joint advisory issued by the Food and Drug Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency, salmon is low in mercury and safe even for pregnant women....

Dude, where's my food truck? Mapping businesses that move
By Matthew Braga | Published about 24 hours ago
Kevin Zemnickis calls them stumblers—the people who find his food truck, not via Google Maps or Facebook or Twitter, but serendipitously. And he estimates they make up about 75 percent of his business. In other words, the vast majority of customers he serves from Toronto-based Caplansky's Delicatessen's food truck just happen to find Zemnickis on the street and line up for a bite of delicious smoked meat. There's no premeditation....

Researchers match modern ocean temperature records to those of the 1870s
By Scott K. Johnson | Published a day ago
In 1872, the HMS Challenger left Portsmouth on a daring mission, but it didn’t set sail as a military ship. It had been retrofitted, not to project power, but to humbly petition the ocean to give up some of its secrets. Over three and a half years, the Challenger and its crew of over 200 (at the start, that is) circumnavigated the globe, collecting every scrap of information they found along the way. The crew frequently measured the depth of the seafloor and the temperature profile of the water, and brought up sediment samples (sometimes including living organisms). Among other accomplishments, the expedition discovered the submarine mountains of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, described more than 4,700 new species, and learned that the ocean was stratified by temperature.....

99 year-old shop floated to new location
by kfskadmin
March 30, 2012 5:04 pm
Two seine skiffs moved Piston and Rudder’s floating machine shop from North Harbor about a mile south to its new location at the local shipyard dock Friday. The two-story building was originally floated to North Harbor in 1913 and remained there until this week’s move. It has served as a machine shop under a handful of different owners for 99 years.....

RCA says APES can roll out automated service
by Casey Kelly
April 2, 2012 3:03 pm
The Regulatory Commission of Alaska has given Juneau’s garbage collection company the go-ahead to implement a new automated roll cart service. But the RCA has not yet approved a monthly container fee for specially designed trash cans..

Posted on April 3, 2012 at 1:22pm ....

Mexican plan for deepwater wells in Gulf sets off alarms
By Tim Johnson
McClatchy Newspapers
Published: April 3rd, 2012 12:22 PM
Last Modified: April 3rd, 2012 12:22 PM
MEXICO CITY -- Two years after the worst offshore oil spill in U.S. history, Mexico's state oil company is about to test its hand at drilling at extraordinary depths in the Gulf of Mexico....

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