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#RadioChatter #04-06-2012 Comfish News Roundup

A fish swims by the viewing window at the Bonn...
A fish swims by the viewing window at the Bonneville Dam (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Pebble approaches permitting
Release of “exhaustive” environmental baseline study explained in statewide presentations
By Naomi Klouda
Homer Tribune
Consultants for the Pebble Project were in Homer Friday to discuss the newly released baseline environmental study completed of the mine area, now published as a 27,000-page document.
“The Pebble Environment” is a multi-disciplinary overview of scientific research conducted in southwest Alaska between 2004 and 2008. The four years of data on fish and water surveys is summarized in a 450-page document, said Mike Heatwole, a Pebble spokesman. The portion on fish and aquatic life is 6,800 pages. The Homer stop was among a list of towns where presentations were made. At the Homer City Hall, about 45 gathered to hear the presentation and asked detailed questions about....

The Alaska House Approves a Bill to Help Commercial Fishermen 04/05/12
The Alaska House of Representatives voted unanimously Wednesday in favor of a bill that could help the commercial fishing industry in Alaska. KDLG's Mike Mason has the details. (1:25)...

The Alaska Fisheries Report with Jennifer Canfield
Apr 5, 2012
Coming up this week: As the pollock A season wraps up, villagers call for a crackdown on the trawl fleet because it's intercepting too many of their salmon, Obama's National Oceans Policy is criticized at a panel in Anchorage and fishermen want more information on ocean ccidification. We had help from KUCB's Alexandra Gutierrez in Unalaska, APRN's Steve Heimel and Ellen Lockyer in Anchorage and KNBA's Joaqlin Estus in Sitka...

NPFMC sends halibut issues back for more analysis
Posted 04/06/2012
by - Margaret Bauman
After hours of testimony and discussion on a halibut catch sharing plan, the North Pacific Fishery Management Council identified new preferred alternatives for a halibut catch sharing plan for further analysis, with final action now expected in October. “Some change will occur,” said Duncan Fields, a council member from Kodiak. “The question for the October meeting is the magnitude of that change. I will be looking at all the new information presented, with an eye to the initial council action an the basis for that action as I evaluate this new motion.”...

Apr 5, 2012 - 12:27 PM AKST
Council shifts halibut to charters
A U.S. Marine and owner of halibut quota summed it up best in his comments to the North Pacific Fishery Management Council about the ongoing allocation fight among commercial and charter sectors. “This isn’t the Iraq war,” wrote Dustin Connor, “but it sure has gone on longer.” Indeed, it has been 19 years since the council formed its first charter workgroup to address the emerging conflicts between the historically commercial fishery and the burgeoning recreational sector. Nearly two decades later, the issue remains unresolved and the council has come to the conclusion that years of efforts to get halibut management off its table has been ill-conceived in hindsight.....

Nothing Fishy About the Seafood at Whole Foods
Posted by Mark J. Miller on April 5, 2012 02:02 PM
Saint Francis is the patron saint of ecology so it makes sense that San Francisco was one of the pioneers to celebrate this annual environmental event. Once a day that the conventional culture thought of as a time for hippies to hug the trees, it has transformed as the culture has continued to turn its collective attention to the damage humans have done to the earth and what can be done to repair it. Earth Day has become so much a part of the landscape that it now ends up being used as a kickoff point for environmental efforts by organizations and businesses of all sizes....

US and Russian Coast Guards Sign Cooperation Pact
Apr 5, 2012
Rosemarie Alexander/KTOO
U.S. Coast Guard Rear Admiral Thomas Ostebo and his Russian counterpart Lieutenant General Rafael Daerbaev Wednesday signed an agreement calling for continued cooperation on law enforcement in the Arctic, Bering Sea and North Pacific. Daerbaev is chief of the Northeast Border Guard of the Russian Federal Security Service. He and other Russian Coast Guardsmen have been in Juneau this week to review recent joint operations with the U.S. and develop a future plan. Ostebo called this week's work "a great representation of the cooperation" between the two Coast Guards.....

Goldstream Senate district would include Aleutian Islands
by dermotcole
Apr 05, 2012
The Alaska Redistricting Board says its new plan "does the least harm to the Alaska Constitution" of all the options considered and the only deviations from constitutional requirements are to comply with the federal Voting Rights Act....

2 salmon-eating sea lions killed at Bonneville Dam
April 6, 2012
PORTLAND, Ore.—A Washington state wildlife spokesman says two salmon-eating California sea lions have been captured this week at Bonneville Dam and killed by lethal injection...

California gets longest commercial salmon fishing season since 2005
By Aaron Kinney
Posted:   04/06/2012 06:40:29 AM PDT
Updated:   04/06/2012 06:40:59 AM PDT
Four years after a collapse in the salmon population shut down California's salmon fisheries, the prized fish could be ready for a spectacular comeback.
As fishery managers on Thursday approved the longest commercial salmon fishing season in eight years, the industry was buzzing over staggering forecasts for the fall-run Chinook salmon populations from the Klamath and Sacramento rivers, the state's top spawning grounds.....

Posted on April 6, 2012 at 8:03am by   Liz Klimas
With razor sharp teeth and a freakishly long tongue — for a fish — the invasive northern snakehead is decimating the native fish population in Maryland’s bodies of water, not to mention other surrounding states. Since 2002....

Mobile tech meets marine salvage; two things I love to do
By Matthew Miller | April 6, 2012, 5:30am PDT
Summary: My full time professional naval architecture job includes serving as a marine salvage engineer when casualties occur. Mobile technology has helped me get my job done in several different ways.If you read my bio here on ZDNet you will see that I am a professional naval architect and marine salvage engineer by day and a mobile tech blogger by night. I was an officer in the USCG and served on the Marine Safety Center Salvage Engineering Response Team (SERT) where we responded to marine casualties. I now perform....

Japan nuke plant leaks radioactive water again
Updated: 4/05 5:06 am | Published: 4/05 5:04 am
TOKYO (AP) — The operator of Japan's tsunami-hit nuclear plant says tons of highly radioactive water appears to have leaked into the ocean from a purification unit....