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Hands-on with Kyocera Hydro (waterproof phone) (video)

Android Robot. Français : le logo d'android 日本...
Android Robot. Français : le logo d'android 日本語: "Android"のブランド・マーク 한국어: 안드로이드 로봇. ---- English: The official online color is: #A4C639 . 한국어: 공식 온라인 색은: #A4C639 . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Zachary Lutz  posted May 8th 2012 7:00AM

It's been a while since we've seen a Kyocera smartphone for the US market, and if you'll recall, its previous two attempts -- the Milano and Echo -- didn't manage to sway many consumers.

Today, the company is adding two new Android handsets to the deck: the Hydro and Rise. True to its name, the Hydro plays off of Kyocera's experience in the waterproof segment, and while it's not mil-spec, the phone's able to withstand submersion at depths of up to one meter for a half-hour. The Hydro is...  (video)