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The Iridium 9575 Extreme Satellite Phone Hands-on Review

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9:00 AM - May 31, 2012 - By Wolfgang Gruener - Source : Tom's Guide US

It’s the “smart” in smartphone that you did not see coming.

I recently had plenty of discussions surrounding the term “smartphone.” What exactly is a smartphone? Since we are now also beginning to loosely talk about smart TVs and consider any TV that may be able to connect to Netflix and run a Google search on a big screen a “smart” TV, it appears that the term “smart” may be, in most cases, an exaggeration. It may very well depend on your own expectations of what would qualify as being “smart.” I have run into so many issues with my Android phone that I have serious doubts whether these new smartphones are, in fact, smart. If OS updates are causing those phones to crash even during calls, and if they need to be rebooted at least twice daily, are they really “smart?”

So, can you define “smart” in a phone differently? I believe so. If you remove the ability to run apps as the cornerstone of being considered smart, what about an ability to give you ultra-mobility, make you independent of cell towers, enable you to call from wherever you are and end those ridiculous out-of- country roaming charges from your friendly wireless carrier? I would consider this feature as a form of “smart” as well. You would end up looking at a satellite phone and getting the idea of taking such a phone from a military battlefield or a freight ship to the mainstream. As strange as it....,news-15230.html