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Murkowski's 'Frankenfish' Amendment Fails

Sen. Murkowski Stratton Tour
Sen. Murkowski Stratton Tour (Photo credit: U.S. Coast Guard)
May 24, 2012
Jay Barrett/KMXT

A vote on the floor of the U.S. Senate today turned back an amendment by Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski to require a comprehensive study before genetically-engineered salmon can be sold to consumers.

Murkowski said she was disappointed with the vote on her amendment, which failed 50-to-46, but noted it was closer than previous votes on the subject.
Her amendment to the Food and Drug Administration Reauthorization Bill would've.....

Genetically Engineered Salmon Move One Step Closer to Human Consumption
May 24, 2012|By Dan Fiorucci | Channel 2 News

The U.S. Senate moved the country one step closer Thursday afternoon to something that the world has never seen before: approving a genetically modified, or GM, animal for human consumption.

The Senate passed a bill approving reauthorization of the Food and Drug Administration, which clears the way for the agency to go ahead with its consideration of allowing GM salmon to be sold to people.

Alaska Sens. Lisa Murkowski and Mark Begich thought the decision was too important to be left exclusively in the hands of the FDA. They wanted the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration to rule on genetic engineering as well. After all, NOAA -- the senators argued -- has jurisdiction over the open sea.

Begich and Murkowski's amendment to mandate NOAA participation failed to get enough votes on the floor of the Senate, however, which means the FDA is free to make its own ruling on GM animals.....