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White Space Broadband: Hope for Rural America? #700mhz

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Logo of the United States Federal Communications Commission, used on their website and some publications since the early 2000s. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A New Alternative Finally Starting to Emerge
by ryan711 85 minutes ago

If you live in a rural area, your only real options for Internet service besides dialup are satellite and if you’re lucky, 3G mobile Internet. Both of these have a multitude of negatives associated with them whether it be low data caps, terrible latency, or cost. There is a new technology on the horizon, however, called WhiteSpace broadband.

White Space broadband came about after the switch to digital television from analog opened up new frequencies to use for other things. Most infamous is those frequencies that were auctioned off by the FCC in the 700 MHz spectrum. White Spaces on the other hand are not necessarily exclusive to one specific entity, which could mean, due to the increased competition, that new mobile ISPs could crop up with increased speed and larger caps than...