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Comfish News Roundup #06-02-2012

English: A Chinook or King salmon.
English: A Chinook or King salmon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Early statewide wild salmon harvests top 634,000 fish
Posted 06/01/2012
by - Cordova Times Staff
Early statewide wild salmon harvests top 634,000 fish, including 627,000 reds and 3,000 of the total 7,000 kings caught in the Copper River, Alaska Department of Fish and Game biologists said in the first in-season report of 2012. The preliminary harvest statistics, produced on a weekly...
Federal Chinook fishery closed in Yakutat
Posted: June 1, 2012 - 7:14am
YAKUTAT — Yakutat District Ranger Lee Benson has announced that he is acting immediately to protect Chinook salmon in the Situk River, near Yakutat.....

Juneau: Hatchery king salmon sport limits increased
Posted: June 1, 2012 - 12:04am
The Alaska Department of Fish and Game announced this week that sport fishing regulations for hatchery king salmon will be liberalized today in a designated saltwater harvest area near Juneau. According to a release from the ADF&G, these new regulations are intended to provide additional opportunity to harvest hatchery king salmon returning to the Juneau area. The hatchery king salmon regulations in....

ADF&G tightens king salmon regulations around Juneau
Posted: June 1, 2012 - 7:14am
The Alaska Department of Fish and Game announced this week that the liberalized king salmon sport fishing regulations that have been in effect in the salt waters of District 11 near Juneau will be overturned today. As of Friday, June 1, the king salmon sport...

New harbor fees approved to service bond on improvements
Meeting 5 p.m. June 4 at City Hall to explore options on build-out for the Homer area gasline project
By Naomi Klouda
Homer Tribune
Port and Harbor fees are now set to increase, phased in over a two-year period, after a measure was approved by the Homer City Council Tuesday night. The new fees will go toward repaying a $5 million revenue bond and will contribute to the port and harbor savings account to fund future maintenance. “The total additional revenues that we estimate will be generated from these increases are $496,590. The bond payments are estimated to be $327,672 and the money generated over the amount needed for the payments will be deposited in the Port and Harbor Reserves as it is a....

ADF&G begins study of Alaska's wildlife economy
June 1st 4:30 pm | Hannah Heimbuch
Alaska's Department of Fish and Game has decided to take a closer look at the money spent in pursuit of the state's wildlife — whether the aim is to watch it, wear it, mount it or eat it. Between hunting, trapping and wildlife viewing, Alaska's wild things draw dollars into the state economy from residents and non-residents alike. What ADF&G wants to know is how much, where, and on what. Independent research firm ECONorthwest initiated the first stage of the study last week, launching an email survey to upwards of 16,000 people. "We (have) had some inquires from people asking if it was....

Opinion: BS - The gillnetter
Posted 06/01/2012
by - Bob Smith
When you live in Cordova sometimes you just have to stop and count your blessings. It is a place of incredible beauty, which you will soon witness if the rain, fog and snow ever stop. It’s a place that people from all over the world come to in order to toil in the harvest of our bountiful fisheries. Against the backdrop of nature’s tapestry and bounty, and Cordova’s cultural diversity, it is easy to miss some things. While our eyes and ears are constantly assaulted by Cordova’s beauty and diversity, sometimes the subtler things escape one’s attention. While some places have their Nobel Prize winners, their libraries, their centers of healing and.....

Petersburg: Senator Begich talks about local issues & funding needs
May 31, 2012 | Vol. 39, No. 23
U.S. Senator Mark Begich-D had a busy Memorial Day weekend, but made a stop in Petersburg. While he was in town, Begich met with officials and toured several city facilities. “We got to see a lot of the facilities, the new facilities, also the old ones. We got to tour the police station, which is in desperate need of help to say the least,” he said during an interview at the Harbormaster’s office. Begich, 50, who is serving with Lisa Murkowski, said he was “unsure” if there would be any Federal funds available toward the design and construction of a new police department, but he said the Senate would do what they could to help. “It’s impressive to see the community and the investments they....

Begich visits Ketchikan
by Maria Dudzak
May 29, 2012 12:30 PM
U.S. Senator Mark Begich made a stop in Ketchikan Friday. Begich planned to visit several Alaskan communities during the Memorial Day weekend recess. About 40 people attended Ketchikan’s town hall meeting held in Borough Assembly chambers. Begich began by giving an update on many of the issues he’s been addressing in the Senate. He says he is very disappointed that the so called Frankenfish bill, that would require analysis before genetically modified salmon are....