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Ski Alaska - "A Chugach Calling" (video)

by Brint Markle 17 hours 27 minutes ago
A group of eight friends from across the globe - Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Spain and the US - come together for the ski trip of a lifetime with Chugach Powder Guides in Girdwood, Alaska in March 2012. They hit the peak of the season, with blue bird days and powder filled nights. With 800 inches of snow on the ground, a playground of adventure awaits. Check out the first person steeps, sweet powdery lines, crazy heli-flybys and tree dodging madness in store. We hope you enjoy! Skiiers: Philipp Becker, Paloma Bosco, Sebastian Fallert, Austin Ranz, Ben Vincent, Maria Gonzalez-Blanch, Brint Markle and Lynsey Dyer Chugach Powder Guides: Brad Cosgrove, Tucker Chenowith, Henry Munter, Rob Durnell and Scott Murray Submitted for the Chugach Powder Guides, GoPro, Mammut Video Competition by IronCross3 Productions For best viewing, watch in HD Full Screen and blast the music!