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#07-12-2012 - ComFish News Roundup
Hidden Falls hatchery chum run off to better start
by Joe Viechnicki
July 11, 2012 10:15 am
A Southeast hatchery chum salmon run important to the region’s purse seine fleet has had a better start than last year’s failed run. Catches are on track to meet the forecast for the Hidden Falls dog salmon on Baranof Island.....

Tide turns against Law of the Sea Treaty
By Julian Pecquet
07/11/12 05:49 PM ET
The Obama administration's all-out push to join the United Nations international maritime treaty is just four votes short of being doomed after two more senators this week added their names to the list of lawmakers who have vowed to oppose it. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) are the two latest senators to sign on to the letter, The Hill has learned, bringing the total to 30. Treaties need a two-thirds majority to pass in the....  // Demint

Thursday, 12 July 2012
China Ready to Join Talks on South China Sea
Scott Stearns, VOA | Phnom Penh
PHNOM PENH – U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi met in Cambodia to discuss how best to resolve territorial disputes in the South China Sea. American officials say China is prepared to join talks about a code of conduct to manage competing claims.  Senior U.S. officials say Secretary Clinton and Foreign Minister Yang discussed the conflict in Syria and...

Why have Alaska's seafood exports seen such stunning growth?
Alex DeMarban | Jul 11, 2012
An ancient dish, a long-lived clam with an offensive prosbiscus, and tons of good old-fashioned wild salmon could help the Alaska seafood industry expand its presence in two of the world's fastest-growing economies. Seafood marketers in the 49th state have already won big by tapping into China and capitalizing on a growing preference for wild, natural fish. The world's second-largest economy vaulted past Japan last year to become the top importer of Alaska products, with seafood leading the way at nearly $1 billion in sales. The state-supported Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute is also focusing on Brazil, a nation that loves Alaska seafood but directly imports very little of it. The country of nearly 200 million will soon become....

Officials Hesitant To Open Commercial Chinook Fishery On Lower Kuskokwim
By Angela Denning-Barnes, KYUK - Bethel | July 10, 2012 - 5:37 pm
The Chum and Sockeye salmon are running strong in the Lower Kuskokwim River, but state fish managers are reluctant to call a commercial fishery as they normally would. There are too many coveted Chinook salmon still running, and protecting that species is this year’s priority....

Unalaska: Processing Ship No Longer Leaking Ammonia
By Lauren Rosenthal
Wednesday, July 11 2012
An ammonia leak on board the processing vessel Excellence has finally stopped.  The leak started....

On the road to Kake intertie
by Alexis Kenyon
July 11, 2012 6:14 pm
State funding is helping move forward two separate projects for the Southeast community of Kake. The governor and legislature this spring approved 40 million dollars in capital budget money for construction of a road between the Kupreanof Island village and the neighboring town of Petersburg. The capital budget also...

Non-Invasive Works at Chikuminuk 07/10/12
Nuvista Cooperative says they are still waiting to see what permits DNR will issue for feasibility research at Lake Chikuminuk in Wood TikChik State Park. Chikuminuk is the site of a potential future dam. But Nuvista continues to do non-invasive work while they wait on DNR. KDLG's Dave Bendinger reports: (2:43)....

APU Fisheries Science Program Immerses Students In Research Projects
For students immersed in Alaska Pacific University’s marine biology research programs in Anchorage, it may be a long trek to class and their biggest textbook won’t fit in their backpacks. That’s because their classroom is likely a real beach, far from the Anchorage campus, and that textbook is the ocean....

Alaska: State senators explore another way to reduce fuel prices
If huge tanks were built, fuel could be barged up and stored economically.
Anchorage Daily News
Published: July 11th, 2012 10:52 PM
Last Modified: July 12th, 2012 05:26 AM
Alaska might sit on a treasure of petroleum, but its residents have always paid dearly for gasoline and heating fuel, and since 2008, when crude prices spiked, it's only gotten worse.Anti-trust investigations and bills to bar gouging have gone nowhere over the years, and some legislators, like Sen. Bill Wielechowski, D-Anchorage, believe the state's two refiners have become emboldened in charging the maximum that the market would bear. Now Wielechowski and the Alaska Senate are exploring an idea that they say would affect the market without directly controlling it. They say the state could build up to a million gallons of tank storage at the Port of Anchorage to lease to large-scale retailers like Costco, Fred Meyer or Safeway. With that new storage, the retailers could economically barge fuel from Seattle to Anchorage and break the grip that Alaska's refiners have on the local market, they say......

Empire editorial: Polar history sent to the scrap yard
Fans of Cold War-vintage ice breaker hit a bureaucratic iceberg called MARAD
Posted: July 11, 2012 - 12:00am
A piece of Arctic and Antarctic history was scrapped on July 2 in Brownsville, Texas, a sad end for a noble ship that pioneered modern exploration and observation of the regions around both poles. The heavy ice breaker USS/USCG Glacier was retired in the mid-1980s but not forgotten by its crew. It was the object of fund raising and work....

Analyst: Alaska Airlines merger with American not likely
Puget Sound Business Journal by Steve Wilhelm, Staff Writer
Date: Wednesday, July 11, 2012, 2:43pm PDT - Last Modified: Wednesday, July 11, 2012, 3:24pm PDT
Steve Wilhelm
Staff Writer- Puget Sound Business Journal
Will Alaska Airlines merge with American Airlines? Don’t hold your breath. Despite a story in the July 10 Wall Street Journal citing Alaska Air Group Inc. (NYSE: ALK) as one of five possible merger partners with American Airlines parent AMR Corp. , such a move would be mostly downside to the Seattle-based carrier. Alaska Airlines has built its business on developing West Coast routes, shifting....

Pink salmon evolve to migrate earlier in warmer waters
Study finds genetic evidence of climate-change adaptation.
Natasha Gilbert
11 July 2012
Climate change has altered the behaviour and interactions of many plants and animals, including when fish migrate and plants flower. But evidence has been lacking that such shifts have a genetic basis. Organisms often deal with environmental pressures by altering traits through a process known as phenotypic plasticity, which does not require genetic changes. But.......

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