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Alaska salmon catch swells to nearly 59 million fish

Tourists at a Cook Inlet overlook. Photo taken...
Tourists at a Cook Inlet overlook. Photo taken on Alaska vacation in June 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Posted 07/30/2012
by - Margaret Bauman

In Cook Inlet, Southeast Alaska and Kodiak the pace of harvests of wild Alaska salmon is picking up speed, and the statewide harvest as July ended swelled to nearly 59 million fish, up 9 million from the previous week.

In Upper Cook Inlet alone the cumulative harvest rose from 1,223,000 fish to 3,515,000 fish, including 2,981,000 reds, up from 1,120,000 reds the previous week. For Cook Inlet overall, the cumulative harvest reached 3,686,000 salmon of all species, including 3,140,000 reds, 244,000 chum, 239,000 pink, 60,000 silvers and 2,000 kings. The bounty was taken by the drift gillnetters, as Cook Inlet set netters operating near the Kenai River were shut down to protect the escapement of king salmon heading north on the river. The Alaska Board of Fish, faced with one of the worst....