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Locally owned? FCC regs pondered in Cordova

(Photo credit: USDAgov)

Posted 07/20/2012
by - Diane Jeantet

If today Cordovans can use their wifi to surf on the Internet as fast as a New Yorker would in a downtown Manhattan living room, it is thanks to a $12 million investment made by the local telephone cooperative, Cordova Telephone Cooperative (CTC), and its wireless sister company, Cordova Wireless Communications (CWC).

Not only does this mean smooth access to your Netflix account but most importantly, it allows local businesses to carry out their operations all year-round without having to worry about heavy snow or rain. Anyone who has lived in Cordova for more than a year, knows this hasn’t always been the case.

Additionally, fast and reliable Internet communications are often looked to as the future of employment, education and health care in rural Alaska.

But recent changes in regulation made by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the body that regulates broadband services and funding in America, are threatening the survival of small telephone and wireless companies in hard-to-reach places like Cordova. For reasons that....