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Southeast Alaska: Study proposes hydro facilities in Borough

Greg Knight
Construction of a third turbine at the Tyee Lake hydroelectric plant is one of the topics discussed in a report issued by the Alaska Energy Association.
A report issued by the Alaska Energy Association, in cooperation with the research group Black and Veitch, has named eight potential locations in the Wrangell area that could be used for hydroelectric generation.
The Southeast Alaska Integrated Resource Plan report states that Anita (Kunk) Lake, Lake Shelokum, Sunrise Lake, Thoms Lake and Virginia Lake could be looked to for future development of sustainable hydropower. The creation of a new dam at Tyee, or construction of a third Tyee turbine is also on the list of possibilities for the borough.

The proposed project at Virginia Lake would be the most expensive, estimated at costing between $103-154 million to build – though the new facility could generate up to 12 MW of capacity and show an annual output of more than 43,000 MWH, and cost between 8-12 cents per KWH.

Comparably, Sunrise Lake, on Woronkofsky Island, could field a facility with a total construction cost of between $16-24 million....