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Verizon plans to join Alaska wireless market in 2013

by Jeff Richardson
Jul 28, 2012

FAIRBANKS — For years, communications giant Verizon has advertised its service with a well-known slogan: “Can you hear me now?” But unlike the rest of the U.S., the answer in Alaska has always been “No.”

Verizon officials say that’s about to change. The company is on pace to introduce its service to the Last Frontier by mid-2013, giving the biggest wireless provider in the country a presence in all 50 states.

The entry of Verizon into the Alaska wireless market sets up a slugfest next year in the highly competitive field. Last month, GCI and Alaska Communications announced they were working on a partnership to share infrastructure costs, although the companies’ stores and products will remain separate.

AT&T’s planned merger with T-Mobile last year......