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#08-18-2012 - ComFish News Roundup

Rep. Seaton Claims No Coastal Management Program Could Lead to Fish Farms Off the Coast of Alaska
A member of the Alaska House Representatives believes that fish farms could be allowed off the coast of Alaska if voters turn down the effort to restart the Coastal Management Program. KDLG's Mike Mason has the story. (2:48)...

Alaska Sea Party files election complaint against 'Vote No on 2' group
Katie Medred | Aug 17, 2012
The Alaska Sea Party (ASP) -- the group behind the ballot initiative effort to restore Alaska's coastal management program, which lapsed last year -- has filed a campaign disclosure complaint with the Alaska Public Office Commission (APOC) against opposition group "Vote No on 2." The Alaska Sea Party claims "Vote No on 2" has violated Alaska campaign law by failing to have both visual and audible finance disclosure information present in their TV and online commercials. (As of Friday afternoon, the ads had been removed.)....

My turn: Ballot measure 2 would give Alaskans more clout over coastal development
Posted: August 17, 2012 - 12:06am
Do you want to limit the authority of the federal government over coastal development projects in Alaska? Do you want to increase the influence of the state and its coastal residents over those projects? Then you couldn’t do better than to cast a ‘Yes” vote for Proposition 2 on Alaska’s Aug. 28 primary election ballot. If approved, this proposition will bring the Alaska Coastal Management Program back to life. Alaskans benefited from....

Teeth gnashing follows Cook Inlet fisheries disaster declaration
Suzanna Caldwell | Aug 17, 2012
There was no question fishing in Cook Inlet would be poor this year, but whether it would actually cause Alaskans serious financial grief was uncertain. As summer winds down and final fish counts begin to emerge, numbers are starting to paint a picture of what could have been for fishing in upper Cook Inlet, home to one of the state's most hotly contested fisheries. The closures have been so economically disruptive that Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell is now urging U.S. Secretary of Commerce Rebecca Blank to declare a fisheries disaster for.....

Unalaska small fishermen see pink
August 17th 5:50 pm | Jim Paulin      
Seine boats from King Cove and Sand Point last week harvested 172,000 pink salmon in Unalaska Bay in 2-and-a-half days, and local fisherman are trying to figure out how to get a piece of the action. No local boats participated. "Unalaska doesn't have much of a salmon fleet," said biologist Aaron Poetter managed the fishery from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game's office in Sand Point. The 60-hour opener from Tuesday to 6 p.m. Thursday was held inside the bay with the northern boundary stretching from Cape Cheerful to Priest Rock. Additional fishing time is possible, depending on the results of an aerial survey, but clouds are...

Restoration of Kenai River habitat gets federal boost
Posted 08/17/2012
by - Cordova Times Staff
A ranking Interior Department official will meet with state and local officials and community organizations in Soldotna on Aug. 24 to highlight reasons why the Kenai River partnership effort will be part of America’s Great Outdoors Rivers Initiative.....

Voluntary Coast Guard Inspections of Fishing Vessels Become Mandatory Starting October 16
The U.S. Coast Guard is giving commercial fishermen a heads up that beginning in mid-October the vast majority of commercial fishing vessels will be mandated to have a safety inspection. KDLG's Mike Mason has the details. (4:35)....

Canine salmon treats expand into Sam's Club
Posted 08/17/2012
by - Margaret Bauman
Talk about going to the dogs!
Alaska’s famed canine snack, Yummy Chummies, a wild Alaska salmon product produced in Anchorage by Brett Gibson’s Arctic Paws, has netted a national contract with Sam’s Club. Gibson got confirmation of the purchase order in late July for thousands of bags of the original.....

Dust settles on Bristol Bay salmon season
August 17th 5:53 pm | Hannah Heimbuch      
The last of the pink salmon are wending their way to spawning grounds and used gear is stripped and stored for next year. Fishermen are moving vessels to dry storage and cleaning cabins of their summer supplies.
For better or worse, the 2012 Bristol Bay salmon season has run its course, with some areas of the bay showing surprising highs and others unexpected lows compared to forecast. With a bay-wide harvest of 22 million sockeye, it was just over last year's harvest and not a bad season when....

Corps’ moving target
Alaska leaders decry potential for further permitting delay on Point Thomson
Wesley Loy
For Petroleum News
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers says more time might be needed to decide on a permit for ExxonMobil’s proposed Point Thomson development on Alaska’s North Slope. Since late 2009, the Corps has been considering ExxonMobil’s application for a dredge and fill permit to construct a natural gas condensate development at remote Point Thomson, located about 60 miles east of Prudhoe Bay. On Aug. 14, the Corps issued a statement on the status of the permit. The Corps said it remains hopeful it can render a “record of decision” on the......