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#08-31-2012 - ComFish News Roundup

Aug 31, 2012 - 01:27 AM AKST
Nome meeting closure prompts debate over CDQ privacy
Amid continuing tensions between community development quota groups and their regional village residents over the impacts of Bering Sea pollock trawling on salmon stocks, the Norton Sound Economic Development Corp. has barred a long-time critic from its property, meetings and direct contacts with board and staff after a July 31 incident in Nome. Already years-long, the feud between Tim Smith, president of the Nome Fishermen’s Association, and the NSEDC has continued since the minor confrontation was reported in the pages of the Nome Nugget and as recently as the Aug. 27 city council meeting. The dispute’s current round began at a public session of NSEDC’s fisheries development committee on July 31 when Smith was threatened with arrest for “eavesdropping,” by a Nome police.....

The Alaska Fisheries Report with Jay Barrett
Aug 30, 2012
Coming up this week, Senator Mark Begich gives us more details on his nationwide seafood marketing plan, we also hear from the professor who wrote a history of the University of Washington’s long-term study of Alaska Salmon runs. American Seafoods is.....

Healthy year for Alaska's salmon, albeit no record
Posted 08/30/2012
by - Margaret Bauman
Harvests by commercial fleets jumped by another 5 million fish for the week ended Aug. 24, pushing the preliminary total to 112,396,000 salmon of all species, with fall harvests of chums and silvers still to come. Preliminary state harvest statistics show that the Prince William Sound, the harvest has reached 29,882,000 fish, including 22,678,000 pink, 3,658,000 sockeye, 3,496,000 chum, 39,000 coho and 12,000 Chinooks. The harvest of pink salmon in Prince William Sound has come up some 10 million fish short of the forecast of 32 million hatchery fish. Fishing activity has slowed down in the Cordova district, said Tommy Sheridan, a biologist with....

Up to 98 percent hatchery fish in wild stock streams?
Posted 08/31/2012
by - Diane Jeantet
The existence of interactions between hatchery fish and wild stock salmon in Prince William Sound was established in the late 1990s after hatcheries started marking eggs for better traceability, making straying samples possible. As a preventive move to conserve renewable resources, the state of Alaska set a 2 percent threshold for hatchery salmon straying in the sound. A three year study by the state Department of Fish and Game released in 2010, revealed a much more wide-spread phenomena, with up to 98 percent of hatchery fish in wild-stock streams. The question of the genetic impact of......

Apache Deploying Wireless Seismic Technology in Alaska's Cook Inlet
by  Karen Boman|Rigzone Staff|Thursday, August 30, 2012
Houston-based Apache Corp. has become the first producer to use true-cable free wireless seismic technology offshore Alaska to limit the impact of seismic activity on Cook Inlet's wildlife, communities and environment - including Cook Inlet beluga whales. The use of wireless 3-D seismic is part of Apache's commitment to conducting 3-D seismic operations in Alaska's Cook Inlet "in ways that limit the impact on communities and the environment," the company said in a July 24 article on its website, addressing criticisms of its seismic program. Apache is using true cable-free nodal recording systems, designed and manufactured by Sugar Land, Texas-based FairfieldNodal, in order to minimize the impact of its seismic survey on Cook Inlet's wildlife population and environment......

Opinion: Help needed to reduce King Salmon bycatch
Posted 08/31/2012
by Warren (Buck) Brown - for the Cordova Times
As we all know, the Chinook salmon returns the past few years, especially this current season are at all time lows in many areas of Alaska. While area sport, commercial, and subsistence fisherman are being restricted from fishing kings, the trawl fleet from the Bering Sea and the Gulf of Alaska continue to catch and discard kings at an alarming rate. So, while east side setnetters and Kenai River guides had to stop fishing this season because of low king returns, the bycatch fleet keeps on killing Chinooks. The bycatch rate stands at 60,000 kings in the Bering Sea and....

Selby and Stevens Say Coastal Management Not Dead
Jay Barrett/KMXT
The initiative on Tuesday's primary election ballot re-creating a Coastal Zone Management Program for the State of Alaska went down handily at the polls almost two-to-one. Statewide, 64,210 people voted against Measure 2, while 39,624 voted in favor of it. Here in District 35, voters overwhelmingly were in favor of Measure 2, with 1,400 Yes votes and 580 No votes. The program, which the state had for over 30 years, allows local and state say in.....

Legislative look-see
All the talk before Tuesday’s election would indicate that the substantial “no” vote on state ballot initiative No. 2, which would have re-established a Coastal Zone Management Program for....

Changes to J-1 Visa Affect Alaska Fisheries
Changes to the U.S. J-1 Visa program have prompted some fisheries around the state to begin looking elsewhere for summer workers. KDLG’s Ariel Van Cleave explains. (4:12).....

Angry Mat-Su fishermen demand more salmon for their streams
Suzanna Caldwell | Aug 30, 2012
For fishermen who live and work in Alaska's northern Cook Inlet, times have been rough. Cindi Herman and Mark Torkelson own the Skwentna Roadhouse, an Iditarod Trail checkpoint located on the Skwentna River, accessible by only boat and plane in the summer. This season they had to cancel 160 bookings because of restrictions placed on the river in an effort to protect salmon heading upriver.....

Department of Fish and Game lacking answers
Posted: Thursday, August 30, 2012 9:06 pm
By Andy Couch Mat-Su Anglers Club Fishing Corner
At a Wednesday public meeting in Willow with ADF&G Commissioner Cora Campbell, ADF&G Director of Commercial Fisheries Jeff Regnart and ADF&G Director of Sport Fisheries Charles Swanton, many of the public’s questions went largely unanswered or answered in a way that showed little or no concern with declining Mat-Su Valley salmon runs from the Department’s highest-level governor-appointed staff. For those attending dependent upon salmon fishing in the Valley, the biggest issue was clearly why does the department prioritize management and harvesting Kenai River sockeye salmon over even achieving minimum escapement goals for salmon bound to Mat-Su Valley destinations? Regnart attempted to pass responsibility off....

Frowns fill fish forum
Posted: Thursday, August 30, 2012 8:12 pm
WILLOW — If there was a person attending Wednesday’s meeting satisfied with the state of sport fishing in the Valley this summer, he or she didn’t speak up.
Rep. Mark Neuman, R-Big Lake, called the meeting and brought Alaska Department of Fish and Game Commissioner Cora Campbell and some of her staff to the Willow Creek Resort. The meeting came on the heels of a request by Gov. Sean Parnell to declare a federal emergency over low king salmon returns.....

Wildlife Troopers issue citations for illegal snagging at DIPAC
Posted: August 30, 2012 - 11:07pm
Alaska Wildlife Troopers in Juneau say they cited multiple people for illegal snagging last weekend after conducting surveillance of a sport fishing dock next to the Macaulay Salmon Hatchery on Channel Drive.....

Western Alaska food crisis: Subsistence fish shortages leave families without enough to eat
Posted: Thursday, August 30, 2012 5:48 pm | Updated: 5:55 pm, Thu Aug 30, 2012.
Mary Lochner
The storehouse should be full. The 10-by-12-foot wooden structure is one of the smallest storehouses in the village. But it holds enough to feed Nick Isaacson’s family through the nine months of winter. Each year in the past, the Isaacson family has put up enough fish by August to last until the start of next year’s salmon run.
But this year is different. It’s the end of the fishing season. Winter is coming. And the storehouse is only one-third full. The Isaacson’s plight is shared by other families in Lower Kalskag, a Yup’ik village of about 80...

UAS demonstration aboard NSC
UAS demonstration aboard NSC 
Chief Warrant Officer Matthew McKenney holds the ScanEagle Unmanned Aircraft System during the Aug. 2012 demonstration aboard National Security Cutter Stratton. U.S. Coast Guard photo by LCDR Jeffrey Vajda.