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Yakutat finally gets cellular coverage

Posted 08/10/2012
by - Diane Jeantet

Amy Langebartel from Cordova Wireless Communications
is showing 
Yakutat's Mayor, Dave Stone,
how to work out his new cell phone.
Photo courtesy of Cathy Long
OMG - for the first time in the Yakutas history, LOL, ROFL, BRB, CYL8R and other encrypted codes often shared among texting teenagers, will make their way to this remote part of Alaska.

Until July 23 2012, the 640 residents of Yakutat had never owned a cell phone - or at least never been able to make use of them. For several years a number of telephone companies promised to setup cell phone coverage in this hard-to-reach village, but the service was never delivered.

It came as no surprise then, that although a vast majority of Yakutat residents were thrilled by the arrival of Cordova Wireless Communications, a handful remained rather skeptical....

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