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#09-05-2012 - ComFish News Roundup
Unalaska fisherman objects to female fishery observers
Published: September 4th, 2012 12:04 PM
Last Modified: September 4th, 2012 12:05 PM
Fishery observers will be joining Alaska's small-boat halibut fleet next year, and Unalaska fisherman Dustan Dickerson is among those worried about what it's going to cost them....

Southeast Dungeness Crab Catch Down
By Matt Lichtenstein, KFSK - Petersburg | September 3, 2012 - 3:15 pm
Overall catch and effort was down again this summer for Southeast’s Dungeness crab fishery, which closed in mid-August. That’s according to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s preliminary totals, which were made available last week.....

Prince William Sound salmon harvest tops 31.5 million fish
Posted 09/04/2012
by - Margaret Bauman
Commercial fishing activity in the Copper River District was on the rise this week, with the start of the coho salmon run. Alaska Department of Fish and Game biologists said the district was anticipated to be on a one to two period a week schedule, dependent upon escapement and harvest trends. Preliminary harvest data from the 24-hour period that closed Aug. 28 showed a total of 247 deliveries to processors of a catch of some 25,000 silver salmon. The coho salmon sex ratio from the Copper River District for the period ended Aug. 28 was 48 percent female, which matches the....

Copper River salmon tops them all
By Holly A. Heyser
Special to The Bee
Published: Wednesday, Sep. 5, 2012 - 12:00 am | Page 1D
CORDOVA, ALASKA – It was a scene of almost orgiastic gluttony: a tabletop covered with the remnants of literally hundreds of dollars' worth of Copper River salmon. Barbecue glazed coho salmon with roasted corn-black bean relish and collard greens, poached pink salmon fillets with citrus buerre blanc, king salmon tartare on crispy salmon-skin chips. There were even meatballs made of chum salmon, the least-loved (to put it as nicely as possible) of the five Copper River species. Even.....

Yearly Cook Inlet Beluga Count Wraps Up
By Lori Townsend, APRN - Anchorage | September 4, 2012 - 5:33 pm
The annual summer effort to determine the number of endangered whales that exist in Cook Inlet is underway with one count completed in June and another finished this month. Kristi Sims, a biologist with NOAA has been involved with the annual whale census for more than a decade. The flagging numbers of the belugas makes the count important. As Sims heads across the tarmac for an afternoon aerial survey of Cook Inlet, she says the August count is focused on calves and after several days of....

SEPTEMBER 5, 2012 · 9:58 AM
Shell game — Study to create toxins baseline to limit mystery in harvesting clams, mussels
By Naomi Klouda
Homer Tribune
Among the reasons why people love the Kenai Peninsula in the summer, king salmon fishing gets most of the attention, but a less-discussed reason that packs peninsula highways are Cook Inlet’s rich clam beds. Whether the shellfish from Ninilchik to Port Graham is safe from various levels of toxins, however, has never been extensively tested, until this summer. Thanks to a three-year study and $120,000 awarded to the Kachemak Bay Research Reserve, shellfish on all...

Small businesses have big market share
COMPASS: Other points of view
Published: September 4th, 2012 09:35 PM
Last Modified: September 4th, 2012 09:36 PM
When many people think of Alaska's economy, they envision big players such as oil and gas companies, mining and seafood operators, multinational tourism businesses, and government. These employers are a critical part of the engine that runs Alaska's economy. Without them, Alaska would not be what it is today. But there is another vital part of the economy often overlooked and crucial to building a better future for Alaskans: small businesses....

Arctic Imperative Tour Pulls Up To Unalaska
By Lauren Rosenthal
Tuesday, September 04 2012
With an eye toward Arctic development, a group of investors, government officials, and journalists toured Unalaska this weekend.....

Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Wild Seafood Sustainability Certification Remains Best In Class
5 Sep, 2012 10:44 CET
Gland, Switzerland – A new independent, global analysis of wild-capture seafood sustainability certification schemes, released today at the 10th International Seafood Summit in Hong Kong, found that the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) remains most compliant with international sustainability criteria. These criteria not only measure the status of the stocks but also the environmental footprint of the fishery, the efficacy of the management system across all levels and the transparency, professionalism and independence of the certification process.....,c9301120

Overfishing costs Southeast tens of millions of dollars
Wednesday, September 05, 2012, 22:40 (GMT + 9)
The Southeast sustained tens of millions of dollars in economic losses during a five-year period because years of overfishing depleted species and led to fewer recreational fishing trips, according to an analysis commissioned by the Pew Environment Group. The study, conducted by the nonprofit consulting firm Ecotrust, examined the impact of overfishing from 2005-9 on nine severely depleted species, including black sea bass and red snapper, in the South Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico, respectively.....