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#09-29-2012 - ComFish News Roundup

Pod cod fishing dismal 
September 28th 3:28 pm | Jim Paulin
The Pacific cod fishing in the Bering Sea has been slow enough to make some pot-cod boats quit and wait for red king crab to open next month. "It was pretty bad. I've never given up on a cod season before, and I've given up on this one," said Bob Perkey, captain of the fishing vessel Ramblin' Rose. "It's not worth it financially to keep fishing." Early results were only briefly promising, said deckhand Geno Holmes. "We were getting 40 to 70, and then it just dropped off cold. We were getting two, three, four fish in a pot," Holmes said, adding that his boat was earning 29 cents per pound of cod. Pot cod boats use the same giant pots for both cod and crab, since a pot cod boat is a crab boat targeting finfish in.....

Bycatch control going nowhere without good data as a start 
COMPASS: Other points of view by DAVE KUBIAK
Published: September 28th, 2012 07:25 PM Last Modified: September 28th, 2012 09:14 PM For years fishery managers and those concerned about bycatch have been plagued by a lack of real numbers on how many king salmon, crab and halibut are being discarded in some of the dirtiest fisheries in the Gulf of Alaska. In the struggle to reduce bycatch of these critical species, we haven't even had an accurate body count.....
Will The Floods of 2012 Affect Future Salmon Runs? 
Wildlife Experts Offer a Unanimous, 'Maybe'
September 28, 2012|By Dan Fiorucci
ANCHORAGE, Alaska — There is no doubt that flooding this year in the Mat-Su Valley, the Kenai Peninsula and in Seward have caused big disruptions in the lives of people -- but what is it doing to salmon? In the Kenai River, Coho (Silvers) are making their annual runs at the very moment that huge currents -- generated by flooding -- are washing downstream. Those currents are sometimes capable of scouring river bottoms, and forcing salmon eggs that have been buried in the sediment to flow out to sea. Wildlife experts say it's possible that this month's flooding could adversely affect Coho runs 2-to-4 years from now......

Flooding's impact on salmon tough to predict 
Published: September 28, 2012
Updated 7 hours ago
By BETH BRAGG — Anchorage Daily News It will be years before we know how -- or even if -- the recent flooding and high waters will affect Alaska's salmon. The potential for fewer fish in the future exists, said Bob Clark, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game's chief scientist for sport fish....

Bristol Bay's Sockeye Worth Over $117-Million Dollars 
The preliminary ex-vessel value of the salmon harvest this past season in Bristol Bay is $121.1-million dollars. However, a leading fisheries economist says that's just the beginning and the value will go up. KDLG's Mike Mason has the story. (2:48)....


Morton to monitor wild salmon 
Glacier News Service
Published: Friday, September 28, 2012
One of British Columbia's most vocal advocates for the preservation of wild salmon says she's not waiting to find out from a government inquiry why the Fraser River sockeye run crashed in 2009. Just hours after the Cohen Commission announced Tuesday it had received another extension to submit its written findings, Alexandra Morton said she has already set up her own volunteer group to test and monitor wild salmon along the coast. Morton has dubbed it the Department of Wild Salmon, a private sector organization.......

Canadians call emergency discussion on Arctic sea ice loss 
CBC News | Eye on the Arctic | Sep 27, 2012
In Ottawa on Wednesday, two members of Canada's opposition New Democratic Party made a bid for an emergency debate in Canada's House of Commons on Arctic sea ice loss. According to the U.S. National Snow and Ice Data Centre, sea-ice cover in the Arctic Ocean reached an all-time low this summer since satellites began measuring ice cover 33 years ago. Halifax Member of Parliament Meghan Leslie, the NDP's environment....