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Arctic sea ice minimum reached, it’s all gain from here / PBS Firestorm

Sea Ice News Volume 3 number 13 – 2012 Arctic sea ice minimum reached, it’s all gain from here
I’ve been watching the JAXA sea ice data on the WUWT sea ice page intently for the last few days. Click to enlarge.
I was ready to call the minimum this morning, but thought I’d get a second opinion, so I wrote to NSIDC’s Dr. Walt Meier
On 9/19/2012 8:34 AM, Anthony wrote:
> I think we’ve reached the turning point for Arctic Sea ice today, do
> you concur?
> Anthony
who responded with:
If you’re interested I could write up a guest post some time soon (maybe
this weekend); might be useful to expound a bit more on the differences
between NSIDC and MASIE/IMS (it’s still just a bit higher than us, but
as you’ve probably seen it did pass below its 2007 level). Nice
interview on PBS by the way.

PBS backtracks due to viewer pressure

This just appeared on the PBS Blog, apparently the mere presence of my interview was enough to push NOAA into responding. It seems they are in full damage control mode.
CLIMATE — September 18, 2012 at 6:08 PM EDT

Climate Change From Different Perspectives

Anything dealing with climate change is bound to provoke an argument. And our story on Berkeley physicist Richard Muller’s recent conversion to a believer in man-made global warming, which he made in an op-ed in the New York Times, certainly stirred the pot. In addition to preparing a video story on the PBS NewsHour, I had written a blog that included extended remarks from Anthony Watts, a well-known blogger and prominent voice in the skeptic community. Watts — a former California TV weatherman who runs a company that provides weather data to TV stations — says he doesn’t completely discount global warming, but he says that much of the data recording temperatures are flawed because the stations are in areas like urban settings which retain heat and therefore read too high.
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230 comments later, PBS still can’t bring themselves to approve my comment and fix a transcription error

The amount of hate directed at me today due to my appearance on PBS yesterday has been, in climate parlance, “unprecedented”. Most of the objections were not with what I said, but rather that I was allowed to speak at all. Apparently my mere presence in the broadcast has caused such a firestorm of complaints to PBS that they had to put up an apology piece. It is truly bizarre behavior on display. Even more bizarre is the fact that after 230 comments, my comment requesting a couple of simple spelling corrections still has not been approved nor acted upon. This is what my browser shows me today, note the yellow highlight: Continue reading 
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Posted on September 19, 2012 at 8:02pm by   Liz Klimas
On Sunday, PBS NewsHour included a segment on climate change with recently reformed climate skeptic Richard Muller and current “pragmatic climate skeptic” Anthony Watts. Since then, PBS has been criticized for creating “confusion” on the topic of man-made climate change and Watts has says he’s received an “unprecedented” amount of hate.

As PBS puts it (via the segment’s transcript) the “world of climate change” is an environment “where most scientists and a much smaller group of skeptics remain bitterly divided over their assessment of what’s happening to the planet.” 

PBS covers Muller, a physicist for the University of California-Berkeley who was skeptical of climate change data until he began the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature Project. Armed with what he considered objective data from the project, Muller came out in an op-ed to the New York Times as a reformed climate skeptic who now believes “humans are almost entirely the cause” of climate change. PBS’ NewsHour corespondent Spencer Michels reporting the segment then brings in Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s William Collins, who speaks on behalf of what most climate scientists believe of current temperature and other relevant data regarding climate change.  Michels then brings on Watts, who maintains the climate skeptic blog Watts Up With That.....