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#10-04-2012 - ComFish News Roundup

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Costco pulls salmonella-tainted salmon from shelves
Thursday, October 04, 2012, 04:20 (GMT + 9)
The salmon processed by Foppen in the US was pulled from shelves and its sale was blocked by Costco Wholesale Corp after the news that smoked salmon containing salmonella bacteria had sickened hundreds of people in the Netherlands and the US, causing recalls overseas and locally....

North Pacific council meeting begins with vessel safety update
Oct 3, 2012 - 08:35 PM
The North Pacific Fishery Management Council heard a report on the changing fishing vessel safety regulations from the United States Coast Guard. Ken Lawrenson said the Coast Guard’s 2010 reauthorization mandated vessel safety exams every two years for boats operating in a certain part of the ocean. For now, the Coast Guard has some...

Bristol Bay red king crab quota holds steady, St. Matthew's blue drops slightly
Oct 3, 2012 - 07:57 PM
The Alaska Department of Fish and Game announced king crab quotas for two Alaska fisheries Oct. 3. The total allowable catch, or TAC, for Bristol Bay red king crab is holding steady at 7.853 million pounds, the same as the prior quota. Just over 7 million is for the Individal Fishing Quota, or IFQ...

Bristol Bay residents protest panel discussions on mine
Posted 10/03/2012
by - Cordova Times Staff
Several dozen Bristol Bay residents, fishermen, hunters and anglers turned out Oct. 2 in Anchorage for the first of four panel discussions organized to validate research produced by promoters of a massive copper, gold and molybdenum mine. The panel discussions, organized by The Keystone Center, of Keystone, Colo., are being paid for by the Pebble Limited Partnership, which wants to build the mine at the headwaters of the Bristol Bay watershed, home of the world's largest sockeye salmon fishery. Keystone officials have said none of the panelists are being paid for their participation in the panels...

Keystone Science Panel Looks at Baseline Data for the Pebble Mine
A handful of scientists are participating in a review of the environmental baseline data put forward earlier this year by the Pebble Limited Partnership. That data and analysis will be used by the Partnership in making decisions about whether or not and how to develop the massive gold and copper deposit known as Pebble. KDLG’s Mike Mason has been listening in on the work of the science panel for this report. (6:51)...

Petersburg voters nix waterfront purchase
by Joe Viechnicki
October 2, 2012 8:39 pm
Petersburg voters Tuesday said no to the purchase of waterfront industrial land in Scow Bay south of downtown. The vote was nearly two-to-one against the purchase and funding plan for the property proposed for use by the harbor department. In unofficial results, 515 people voted no, and 274 voted yes for the Scow Bay....

Conservation groups send letter to Keystone, asking them to withdraw from panels 
Some conservation groups in Alaska and around the US are not happy about the Keystone Center's review process of Pebble Limited Partnership's baseline environmental study. KDLG's Dave Bendinger spoke with Joel Reynolds of the Natural Resources Defense Council to find out why. (4:39)....

Improvements shrink time it takes to get halibut from Pacific waters to Reno tables
By Johnathan L. Wright  | FILED UNDER - Home Means Nevada / Food & Drink
11:13 AM, Sep. 30, 2012
Halibut is the cheesecake of the sea.
Which is to say it takes well to varied flavors and preparations, it’s popular with diners, and because of that popularity, it’s an obligatory menu item at many restaurants. Halibut, like cheesecake, is ubiquitous. Northern Nevada is no exception. Locals are wildly hungry for halibut. Specifically for Pacific halibut, often called Alaskan halibut, which is pulled from icy waters of the northern Pacific Ocean, cleaned and packed in coastal processing plants and trucked through mountain passes to Reno and Sparks....

Copper River Seafoods Offers A Double Deal in Sustainability
Copper River Seafoods officials have made a decision to continue participating in sustainable seafood certification programs offered by Global Trust via the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, and another from the Marine Stewardship Council....

Scientists Still Eyeing the ‘Dead Zone’
By Terry Dillman
Hypoxia team keeps watch on coastal waters
Spring transition is the time of year when coastal wind patterns switch from winter’s southerly flow to summer’s northerly pattern. The summer pattern favors upwelling, the ocean process that ushers nutrients to the surface, providing nourishment for near-shore marine life. It also brings conditions conducive to hypoxia, or low oxygen levels, in the water, creating “dead zones” that can either suffocate marine animals or force them to migrate to the surface or other areas closer to shore to find adequate oxygen levels. For the past decade, the hypoxia team at Oregon State University (OSU)’s Partnership for Interdisciplinary Studies of Coastal Oceans (PISCO) has monitored the waters off Oregon’s coast. During the summer of 2002, oxygen levels in water near the Oregon coast dropped so low that fish....