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#10-13-2012 - ComFish News Roundup
Togiak council seeks changes to herring fishery
October 12th 3:43 pm | Hannah Heimbuch
December's Board of Fisheries meeting in Naknek will give many parties the opportunity to weigh in on fisheries issues around Alaska, and the Togiak Traditional Council plans to be one of them. The Council has a number of proposals on the docket for the upcoming meeting, regarding some minor, and some major, changes to Togiak's herring fishery.
Council administrator Jonathan Forsling said he and others among Togiak leadership and locals are concerned about the sustainability of the Togiak herring fishery as it is now. Togiak herring is a sac roe fishery that takes place in late....

BBEDC Releases the Annual Report for 2011
The local CDQ organization for Bristol Bay handed out over $5-million dollars last year to city and tribal governments according to a just released annual report. KDLG's Mike Mason looked it over and filed this report. (2:41)....

Akutan wraps big summer projects
October 12th 3:47 pm | Jim Paulin
Two big new construction projects were built in Akutan this summer, an airport and boat harbor. The boat harbor's outer breakwaters were built by Knik Construction, funded by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The installation of docks in the inner harbor is set for 2014, with funding from the Aleutians East Borough, according....

Board of Fish Task Force Created to Discuss Kenai/Kasilof Kings
The Board of Fish wrapped up their two-day work session in Anchorage this week, and, although this is not the regular cycle for Cook Inlet issues, the Board of Fish decided to appoint a task force to address two agenda change requests regarding the Upper Cook Inlet for this coming spring cycle. The ACR’s to be....

Scientist review of Pebble baseline data document continues
October 12th 3:39 pm | Carey Restino
Scientists and members of the public continued their examination this week of the proposed Pebble Mine's baseline data document, with some serious conversation about the chosen methods and quality of the data presented. The scientific peer review panel, convened and moderated by the Keystone Center, a Colorado-based nonprofit hired to facilitate a dialogue regarding the proposed mine, convened last week amid controversy and anti-Pebble protests. Opponents say the review panel process is biased because it is paid for by the Pebble Partnership. Keystone....

Petersburg: Commission OK’s bunkhouse plan
by Matt Lichtenstein
October 12, 2012 2:02 pm
Ocean Beauty Seafood’s can move forward with plans to replace a deteriorating bunkhouse at its Petersburg plant. After a detailed discussion this week, the local Planning commission approved a conditional permit for the company to set up several container van housing units at the site instead. Matt Lichtenstein reports.....

Compass: Alaska Department of Fish and Game fails to protect Chilkat salmon habitat
Published: October 12, 2012
This summer Haines celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve. Our mayor helped plan a float through the heart of the preserve that ended with a ceremony and celebration in Klukwan, the original protectors of the eagle gathering area known as the Council Grounds. While the governor and other dignitaries were no-shows, it was locals who wanted to see an area that is predominately experienced by thousands of cruise ship passengers each summer. The preserve is the....

Sen. Murkowski runs her own Arctic drilling 'bait-and-switch'
Jeff Fair | Oct 12, 2012
Senator Lisa Murkowski’s Oct. 9 commentary (“The bait-and-switch on Alaska energy”) presented an incomplete view of the NPR-A’s management in Alaska’s western Arctic. Perhaps she’s not familiar enough with the legislation -- the Naval Petroleum Reserves Production Act passed by Congress in 1976 under President Gerald Ford -- that re-established and renamed the Naval Petroleum Reserve No. 4 as our National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska. That change in management (from the Navy to the Interior Department) for these 23 million acres of federal land belonging to all Americans included a number of congressional stipulations.  In its formal act, Congress directed the Interior Secretary to establish “conditions, restrictions, and....

Environmentalists used to offer NPR-A as ANWR alternative
by Lisa Murkowski
Oct 13, 2012
Community Perspective
FAIRBANKS — An alliance of environmental activists and Democratic politicians has spent decades blocking the efforts of Alaskans to access the rich energy resources of our state. When Alaskans wanted to open the 1002 area of ANWR to exploration and production, opponents of progress stymied our efforts with fear-mongering and obstructionism. In so doing, they frequently pointed to the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska in the northwest corner of.....