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#10-23-2012 - ComFish News Roundup

2012 Alaska Chinook Salmon Symposium Live Web Stream, Alaska Department of Fish and Game >>
Illegal Russian Fishing May Distort Crab Market
By Alexandra Gutierrez
Monday, October 22 2012
Illegal fishing in Russian waters could negatively impact crab prices this year. The advance price for Bristol Bay red king crab was set last week at $7.25 per pound, putting the early value of the fishery at $57 million. Last year, the advance price was slightly higher and was revised to more than $10 a pound. Meanwhile.......

Senator Begich to Introduce Legislation to Allow Foreign Workers to Work in the Alaska Seafood Processing Industry
Several seafood processors that operate in Alaska are looking at a fundamental shift in their business model next fishing season. KDLG's Mike Mason has the story. (2:54).....

DNR Representatives will be in Bristol Bay Later This Week Talking Leases for Setnet Sites
Setnetters in Dillingham and Togiak will have the opportunity later this week to learn about how to get a lease to protect set-net sites from intrusion. KDLG's Mike Mason has the details. (3:38)......

More protection for Chinook salmon under consideration
Posted 10/22/2012
by - Margaret Bauman
Federal fisheries managers aiming to reduce prohibited species catch in Gulf of Alaska fisheries will consider at their December meeting in Anchorage steps to extend limits on Chinook salmon bycatch in non-pollock groundfish fisheries. The concern comes on the heels of the June meeting of the North Pacific Fishery Management Council in Kodiak, where the council took action to reduce halibut prohibited species catch available to trawl and longline fisheries in the central and western Gulf of Alaska. Concern over hundreds of thousands of pounds of non-targeted fish taken in groundfish fisheries in.....

Big winner in Unalaska's EPA wastewater tussle? Lawyers.
Jim Paulin | Dutch Harbor Fisherman | Oct 21, 2012
The city of Unalaska paid more than a half-million dollars in legal fees fighting the federal lawsuit requiring the construction of a new sewage treatment plant, water treatment plant and the towering new leachate tank on Summers Bay Road adjacent to the landfill. The city released the legal expenditures last week in response to a written request from the Bristol Bay Times – Dutch Harbor Fisherman, under the terms of the Alaska Public Records Act. The city paid two law firms a total of $525,000. The city’s regular Anchorage law firm, Brooks, Chandler, Falconer, earned $133,923. The larger amount went to the Washington, D.C., firm of Beveridge and.....

Ketchikan: Council plans to repeal city’s boat tax
by Sarah Cuiksa
October 22, 2012 10:13 AM
City of Ketchikan residents who have boats moored in the city’s harbors might no longer have to pay a boat tax. That’s $25 for boats that weigh less than five net tons, or $75 for larger vessels. The motion was brought forward by Councilmember Bob Sivertsen, who referenced the borough’s repeal of the tax. The borough abolished its boat tax since the cost of collecting it might have been more than the tax actually brought in.....

Bristol Bay salmon land on Dillingham school lunch menus
Carey Restino | Bristol Bay Times | Aug 01, 2012
Six years ago, the only fish being served in the schools of one of the richest fishing regions in the nation were breaded, battered farmed fish from distant shores. A conversation between a school district chef and a supervisor at Peter Pan Seafoods in Dillingham changed all that. Now, a program encouraging fishermen to donate fish to the school lunch program is an annual event, and other areas of the state are following suit. The Fish for Kids program is run and supported by Peter Pan Seafoods in Dillingham, and allows fishermen to allocate a certain number of pounds of....