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Geoengineering Experiment (Iron Sulfate Dump) to Stop Global Warming Discovered Off Canadian West Coast

Posted on October 17, 2012 at 10:11am by Liz Klimas
Geoengineering — the manipulation of the environment as an effort to mitigate the effects of man-made global warming — is controversial among scientists as it could result in unintended consequences in the environment. For this reason, such experiments are often highly regulated and some are even thought of as “mad-scientist” ideas.

It was recently revealed that the one of the largest geoengineering experiments, which some are calling illegal, has been taking place off the coast of Canada. The Guardian, which investigated the story and reported on it Monday, said it is being called a “blatant violation” of a moratorium in place by the United Nations.

The Guardian reports that as seen in satellite images, a large amount of iron sulfate was dumped into the Pacific Ocean by Russ George, who is the former CEO of Planktos, Inc., as part of a project to spur a phytoplankton bloom. This bloom would create a carbon dioxide sink, which is a form of geoengineering called “ocean fertilization.”

The Guardian states that the island village of Haida Gwaii agree to the experiment and put forward some of their own funds as well. Haida’s president Guujaaw is reported as saying he would not have done this if he had known it was a violation or that it could have negative consequences. Guujaaw says he was told the experiment could benefit the salmon population.....