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@NOAAFisheriesAK: Final Action: Halibut CSP alternative 3 for 2C, alternative 4 for 3A passes 10 to 1. #NPFMC

Afternoon update..

Council takes final action on halibut plan
Oct 5, 2012 - 02:01 PM
The North Pacific Fishery Management Council voted 10-1 to recommend a halibut catch share plan at its meeting in Anchorage this morning.

The motion creates a combined catch limit for the commercial and charter sectors, with each receiving a portion of the allowed harvest each year.

The exact charter-commercial split will be different in areas 2C and 3A.

In 2C, or Southeast, the council’s recommendation is for the charter industry to receive 18.3 percent when the combined catch limit, or CCL, is below 5 million pounds, and 15.9 percent when