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We've gone 24/7 live!!!!

On March 19, 2014 HaulingGear enabled 24/7 live comfish newsfeeds on our front page at ! Enjoy! Click image to view

Ocean Prayer (video) #Pamyua

from Pamyua
Ocean Prayer is Pamyua's first single from the album SideA/SideB. This drumsong pays respect to the ocean for sharing her many gifts. Pamyua's double album SideA/SideB is a collection of Inuit drumsongs primarily sung in the Yup'ik and Cup'ik language from Southwestern Alaska. Drumsongs are powerful expressions of Inuit creativity and connection to our Arctic environment. SideA/SideB offers a new approach to appreciate Inuit music. SideA (disc 1) honors Inuit tradition by featuring only vocals and Inuit drumming; SideB (disc 2) has the same songs with different world music arrangements. This music video was made by Electric Igloo Creative in Anchorage, Alaska.