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#11-05-2012 - ComFish News Roundup

Air service to Alaskan island ends despite new $75.5 million airport
The Anchorage Daily News
.................. The federal Department of Transportation is in the process of approving an air carrier but is unlikely to make a decision until early November at the earliest, said Bill Mosely, a DOT spokesman in Washington, D.C. PenAir's Goose is no longer able to take passengers or mail. The ramp formerly used by the plane was reconstructed for the hovercraft, said PenAir President Danny Seybert. The new design doesn't accommodate the long struts of the plane's landing gear, creating safety concerns, he said. "I can't operate out there any more," Seybert said last week. "They took my runway away. Sunday was our last flight." For the 1,000 Trident workers getting ready to wrap up the season and go home, that means either arranging a charter flight from Akun or catching a ride on a boat 35 miles to Dutch Harbor. no mail, no medicine "With the new airport, there are no regular flights," said.....

A Local Advisory Committee Rejects a Proposal to Limit In-Season Management of the Togiak Sac-Roe Herring Fishery 11/03/12
A committee of local stakeholders met last week to discuss the proposals that seek to make changes to commercial fishing regulations in Bristol Bay. KDLG's Mike Mason attended the meeting and filed this report about the action taken on a proposal that would impact the Togiak sac-roe herring fishery. (2:38)....

Microgreen farmer has a vision for the Alaskan diet
by Nancy Tarnai / Homegrown Alaska
Nov 03, 2012
FAIRBANKS - Bill Johnson has a vision: To get microgreens into as many Alaskans’ diets as possible. Johnson’s Family Farm is ready to churn out 5,000 plastic clamshell containers of microgreens each week for Fairbanksans, and owner Johnson is fairly bursting with excitement over his farm’s expansion. “It’s such a difference,” he said. “I’m so proud of it.” Johnson opened his first controlled environment hydroponic center nearly two years ago on South Cushman and in September relocated to 30th Avenue. The new facility is a 6,000-square-foot building in the warehouse district. Unbeknownst....

Judge Cohen’s recipe for change
In his extended narrative on the uncertain future of Fraser River sockeye, B.C. Supreme Court Justice Bruce Cohen lays out a plan to transform the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. It is unclear at this point whether the federal government will embrace the report and implement its 75 recommendations. So far, the response from Ottawa has been tepid, with Randy Kamp, the parliamentary secretary to the Fisheries Minister, saying only that the document is worth studying......