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#11-12-2012 - ComFish News Roundup

Two crabber groups merging at December's end
Posted 11/11/2012
by - Cordova Times Staff
Two major advocates for the commercial crab industry plan to complete a merger Dec. 31, with the Alaska Crab Coalition closing its doors to merge with the Alaska Bering Sea Crabbers. The merger came together based on the idea that all independent Bering Sea and Aleutian Island crab harvesters need to speak with a unified voice, said Mark Gleason, executive director of ABSC, in Seattle. Seven years ago, when the crab cooperatives were formed, after passage of the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands crab rationalization plan, it was...

Jonathan for State House
30 minutes ago
Our most recent email update.
Dear friends,
I'm living two different lives right now. I write this 30,000 feet over the Coast Mountains, flying from Anchorage to Juneau, having just organized with the House Democratic caucus -- with luck, my future colleagues. Should the absentee and question ballots preserve or extend our lead, I owe it to my constituents to be up to speed as a legislator-elect. The last five days have inspired a steep learning curve in organization, House committees, staffing, and legislative rules. At the same time, I'm still in campaign mode. There's no campaigning to do, of course, but we are closely monitoring the absentee and question ballots with the able assistance of Tully, the Alaska Democratic Party, and a gung-ho corps of volunteers in Sitka and Juneau. The election is far from over: approximately 2,000 absentee ballots have filtered into the Juneau Division of Elections office. They are scheduled to be counted on Tuesday. We have a 43-vote lead, which is far better than a....

Govt tables amendments to Coastal Fisheries Protection Act
Monday, November 12, 2012, 22:20 (GMT + 9)
Acting Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, Gail Shea, has announced that the Harper government is taking the next steps in its efforts to combat illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing by tabling amendments to Canada’s Coastal Fisheries Protection Act. “Illegal fishing undermines the livelihoods of legitimate fishermen around the world....