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#11-19-2012 - ComFish News Roundup #Pebble #Alaska #Energy

Map of Alaska highlighting Aleutians East Borough
Map of Alaska highlighting
Aleutians East Borough
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
King Cove heat project saves big bucks
November 18th 6:48 pm | Hannah Heimbuch
After a full operating year on King Cove's recoverable heat system, the city's school has already seen significant savings, reducing their fuel usage by close to 24,000 gallons. That translated into a $96,000 savings for the Aleutians East Borough School District. The recovered energy is actually produced by the city's other alternative energy option — it's hydropower system....

Pebble peer review comments welcomed
November 18th 7:07 pm | Carey Restino
Both sides in the contentious debate over the proposed Pebble Mine are claiming a victory of sorts after the release of comments by scientists who reviewed the draft of the Bristol Bay watershed assessment. The Environmental Protection Agency released the peer review panel's comments last week, which include more than 100 pages of analysis of the controversial watershed assessment by 12 independent scientists. Comments ranged from concern that the purpose of the document was unclear to assertions that the watershed assessment underestimated the potential impacts of a mine. The first assertion, which can be found in the comments of several of the peer review scientists, hinges on the fact that the EPA launched its watershed assessment of the area prior to....

OPINION: Departing mining CEO should take Pebble proposal with her
November 18th 6:55 pm | Bobby Andrew
In London in 2008, I sat down with Cynthia Carroll, the CEO of the UK-based mining corporation behind the proposed Pebble Mine. She promised me then, and every year since, that Anglo American wouldn't develop the Pebble Mine if it didn't have community support. Recently Carroll resigned from her company under pressure, and we're left to wonder who is accountable for that promise. In our meetings, Carroll stressed that Anglo American places high priority on safety standards and....

Troubled waters: Anchorage port costs are statewide concern
Nov 18, 2012
Fairbanks Daily News-Miner editorial
The Anchorage port expansion has a major problem, an engineering report released Nov. 9 announced. It’s uncertain how much money will be required to fix it, and that uncertainty should be of interest to Fairbankans. Many of the materials shipped to Fairbanks come through the Anchorage port. Everyone has an interest in keeping the cost of fixing the port to minimum so it doesn't inflate the cost of living and doing business here any more than is absolutely necessary. Our state lawmakers, local elected officials and business leaders should keep a close eye on.....

Nutrition expert explores Native health in isotope study
by Diana Campbell / Center for Alaska Native Health Research
Nov 18, 2012
FAIRBANKS — Diane O’Brien, a nutritional ecologist, thought it was a no-brainer to use stable isotope signatures to discover what people are eating. She used these naturally occurring markers frequently to study the diets of butterflies and other bugs. Stable isotopes as food markers are a commonly used tool for ecologists — those who study living things and their relationships with each other and the environment. But when she presented the idea that stable isotopes could be helpful in Alaska Native health studies to a panel of biomedical advisers during the early days of the Center of Alaska Native Health Research, she was met with resistance.  “They were skeptical,” said O’Brien, a CANHR researcher and professor of biology and...